Success stories

These clients chose mindtalks to address important business challenges


Marriott performed several brand awareness, brand association and purchase intent programmatic surveys for the Marriott Rewards Program and the Marriott Hotels, Resorts and Suites brand. In these engagements with targeted consumers Marriott asked which rewards programs consumers intended to use in their next trip and also in which specific properties they would stay. In terms of brand association, Marriott asked what consumers thought about their rewards program as well as their properties.


Cerveza Victoria conducted a brand association engagement in order to assess consumers awareness of who was behind the marketing campaign “Lo chingón de Mexico”. In this survey, the client included its name and the names of two main competitors as options for the responses. After the respondent submitted the response, the survey window displayed a YouTube video showing the connection between Cerveza Victoria and “Lo chingón de Mexico” campaign. This engagement was executed in more than 60 cities in Mexico.


GlaxoSmithKline executed a brand awareness engagement with targeted consumers in order to measure GSK brand awareness compared with two other competing products in the antacid segment. This programmatic survey was deployed in Chile.


Banana Boat leveraged programmatic surveying to identify the top purchasing drivers for their sunscreen products. In this case, the engagement was with targeted consumers in 60 Mexican cities.

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