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TEXAS — The homemade wine market is struggling.

While sparkling wine and increased by have contributed to category growth in the history year in the nation, the idea was not enough to come a volume decline in typically the category for the first time in more compared to 25 years, according to Carolyn Lemoine, director of alcohol research for Beverage Marketing Corp., Houston.

Wine was down 0. 5% by simply volume in 2019 (with a total of 369 million 9-liter cases), Lemoine said during Troy, Meine person. -based Beverage Industry’s State of this Beverage Industry 2020 webinar, maintained April 1.

Dollar sales, however, expanded by 1. 5% in 2019 (bringing in $51 billion for retail sales), indicating that premiumization continues in wine because many who are drinking wine usually are trading up, she said.

Sparkling wine beverages is the fastest-growing segment, even though it’s a small segment, Lemoine said. An expansion of presentation options, especially single-serve cans, are generally fueling the recruitment of wine beverage drinkers across more occasions.

The entire decline in wine is attributed to your aging boomer population as well as millennials consuming less wine, plus  the rise of alternative older beverages, such while hard seltzer , Lemoine talked about.

“So more options for them for you to choose from just means fewer functions they’re choosing wine, ” your woman said.

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