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Key Insights: Marketers reveal their very own confidence, fears, and marketing technological innovation inclinations

30-second summary:

  • Marketing technology spend has rose up from the March slump when it comes to the early phase of Summer
  • A seven-day rolling of the data showed that 41% are slowly increasing their marketing technology spend équilibre
  • Some of our benchmark survey revealed that 62% of marketers are confident about achieving their goals
  • Search & Cultural Advertising, Ecommerce marketing, SEO, and additionally Mobile & Web Analytics withstand strong as marketers’ favorite technology across April, May, and first June
  • The chariot is only when fast while the slowest horse, as a result how will marketers achieve their own goals?

The entire world has transmitted from lockdown to an discover phase into the new natural, and as that happens here’s a fast look at the amélioration of the marketing mix.

Recent marketing technology stacks haven’t had victory confidence

The particular chariot is only as quickly as the slowest horse, just how will marketers achieve their plans? Our benchmark survey revealed that will 62% of marketers are positive about achieving their goals.

And as marketers rethink their technology and strategies, these aren’t very confident about his or her existing martech stack which will be quite the contradiction.

Marketing technology spends rise

Marketing technology pass has risen from the 1 slump towards the early step of June. A seven-day coming of the statistics showed of which:

  • 41% are on the rise their marketing technology spend costs
  • 19% are decreasing their marketing technologies spend budgets
  • 39% are maintaining their very own marketing technology spend budgets

Marketing technology spend budgets

Top computer across advertising, sales, content, and also management

The particular work from home conditions observed the pressing need for corporations to have more streamlined functions, organized data, and technology of which adds value to key internet business verticals like sales, marketing, together with content creation.

Here are a list of the solutions marketing leaders are keen upon buying:

  • Search & Social advertising
  • Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Cell phone & Web Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics, Overall performance & Attribution
  • Projects & Productivity

What’s doing marketers burn the midnight oils?

It’s extremely obvious that COVID-19 is definitely umbrella problem that has thrown businesses down the curb, however, it produces amplified the others as plenty of companies struggle to keep your built in lamps on, maintain their customer base, position their brand, and stay efficient and profitable.


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Peer network briefing with IBM Watson

In our latest Peer network briefing edition, IBM Watson Advertising Head of Revenue Jeremy Hlavacek discussed how IBM leverages its emerging technology for the good of humankind and how the pandemic would have changed the perception of technology for good. Stay tuned for the key takeaway article which will highlight:


  • How platforms like Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Hangouts, and other technologies have propelled suitable positive light during COVID-19 cases
  • How the industry has proved up in a big way and accelerated digital transformation
  • How IBM leverages its emerging technology for the good of humankind

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