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Super app Grab has formed a partnership with Japanese ad giant Hakuhodo for omnichannel campaigns in South East Asia.

The partnership will see Hakuhodo’s clients be able to access Grab’s advertising arm GrabAds’ first-party data insights on South East Asian consumers behaviors.

According to a recent survey, 80% of South East Asia’s senior marketers are planning to increase ads distribution on e-commerce platforms in 2022.

“Hakuhodo and Grab have been supporting clients’ advertising and marketing activities, and executing R&D activities and proof-of-concept projects for innovative solutions from 2018,” said Masato Aoki, corporate officer at Hakuhodo.

“We are very pleased to be the first Japanese advertising company to sign a regional multi-year partnership with Grab. We are confident that this partnership will contribute to the growth of both groups in the business domains of marketing service and advertising.”

Ken Mandel, regional managing director and head of GrabAds and Brand Insights, added: “Hakuhodo emphasizes the importance of a 360-degree perspective on consumers’ lives. We are delighted to be teaming up to help Hakuhodo’s clients more deeply understand super local behaviors, trends and tastes across South East Asia and harness the power of super app advertising to accelerate omni-channel marketing in this region.”

Source: thedrum.com


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