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“Qlik Sense users enjoy the power of modern analytics together with democratized data analysis, enabling these people to surface unique insights of which drive outcomes, ” said Itamar Ankorion , SVP, Technology Alliances at Qlik. “The integration with Tangent Works may help extend the money necessary for their study by democratizing predictive modeling, reducing the burden on data professionals and enhancing users’ capability to power machine learning to augment the decision making. ”

Enterprises want to be able to democratize data and enable consumers to make better data-driven decisions while leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. Qlik already offers augmented intelligence and machine understanding capabilities through its cognitive serp and platform with Insight Expert, which auto-generates and suggests this best analytics and insights to learn based on the overall data files set as well as an user ’s search key elements. Now by leveraging Qlik’s amenable platform, extension technology and open-source Qlik Tangent Works connector, Tangent Works allows Qlik to acquire and democratize machine-learning models.

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Dirk Michiels , CEO, Tangent Works, said, “We are comfy to partner with Qlik in addition to help their clients achieve the whole and immediate business value with Predictive Analytics and Forecasting. Our InstantML technology offered by the TIM solution, offers easy-to-use optimized predictive analytics in which our customers will really benefit from predictive stats to create real and immediate business value, through better and even faster forecasts; ease to locate caractère in data, saving money by way of greater efficiencies; and increased shopper value. InstantML is remarkable around normal business situations, but the real genius is in how it can adapt and prophesy vaticinate divine foretell accurately even in unusual together with irregular business situations, just like the recent COVID-19 crisis . ”

The Tangent Works Qlik open source ext and connector enables:

  • Users to prepare not to mention send data with key career fields using their current Qlik Sense job application right to Tangent Works;
  • Combinations of data from any kind of table inside the associative data style, served directly into Tangent Works in support of processing;
  • Users in order to manage their Tangent Works job directly within Qlik, sending implemented and scored models directly to help their Qlik application.

This seamless integration allows predictive modeling and remodeling inside one interface, allowing Qlik customers to leverage the power in InstantML in their analytics work flow interactively. This offers Qlik users your ability to create highly precise predictive models on the boom and leverage the results throughout seconds, that is a paradigm shift that just isn’t possible with different platforms.

Source: enterprisetalk. com


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