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Data and stats is a key driver intended for organizational performance and one involving the 23 capabilities in the particular Talent Development Abilties Model in the Affecting Organizational Capability domain.

The ability for you to collect, analyze, and use significant data sets in real time to affect learning, performance, and even business is a differentiator. Discerning meaningful insights from data and analytics about talent—including performance, maintenance, engagement, and learning—enables the skills development function to be leveraged as a strategic partner in achieving organizational goals.

The speed of change and the go of analytics in the office has forced TD professionals to help take a broader look in what analytics they should turn out to be measuring, the meaning behind this analytics they capture, the right way to unite with the findings to strategic business goals, and how to communicate to executives the impact of the data findings.

A TD qualified with capability in this field will want knowledge of:


  • The principles and apps of analytics (for example, big data, predictive modeling, data exploration, machine learning, and business intelligence)
  • Data visualization, including principles, approaches, types, and applications (for model, texture and color mapping, info representation, graphs, and word clouds)
  • Statistical theory and solutions, including the computation, interpretation, and reporting of statistics

An effective TD professional could need to be skilled on:


  • Determining stakeholders’ needs, goals, requirements, questions, and objectives to develop your framework or cover data analysis
  • Gathering and organizing info from internal or external resources in logical and practical ways to support retrieval and treatment
  • Analyzing and interpreting often the results of data analyses in order to identify patterns, trends, and friendships among variables
  • Selecting or using data visualization techniques (for example, flow charts, graphs, plots, word clouds, and heat maps)

“The first step in commencing your learning analytics journey is that you ought to begin with the end within mind. Start with defining the learning analytics challenges, ” wrote Stella Lee in an August 27, 2020, ATD blog post. “What learning-related questions or pain points do you want to increase insights from? When you gather files, clarify what learning challenges (and ultimately performance challenges) you will be trying to solve where data files can provide insights. ”

Corresponding to the 2019 Association in support of Talent Development research report Effective Evaluation: Measure Learning Programs for Success , one of the challenges associated with evaluation is accessing and examining data.
Among the report’s findings:

  • A smaller amount than half of organizations (43 percent) use big data—defined because extremely large data sets the fact that are too big or challenging for traditional data software in order to process—as a data source for the purpose of evaluations. Two of the almost all common challenges are analyzing not to mention communicating findings from data stats.
  • Top barriers to conducting figuring out evaluations are the difficulty with isolating the effects of knowing programs, deficiency of access to records needed to conduct high-level recommendations, limited time to properly assess impact, and the costs from conducting those evaluations.

“Designing a data strategy will be a long-term investment that are going to have far-reaching, organization-wide impact. Anyone must think about things on both the current and the long-term state and view your discovering ecosystem and goals in numerous dimensions, ” Margaret Roth authored in a January 23, 2019, ATD blog post. “Be sure to regard what you have now, what exactly you’ve already made plans to help invest in, what gaps anyone know exist, what gaps you haven’t uncovered, and what resources you’ll have use of as you head forward. ”

Source: td. org


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