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CogniSure AI , an insurtech startup that is focused on providing actionable insights from unstructured insurance documents such as programs, loss runs, quotes, and syndication emails, announced on Wednesday often the launch of its artificial brains (AI) platform for commercial loss run automation.

Founded in 2019, CogniSure AI Base focuses on unlocking insights caught up in documents such as Loss runs, Submissions, Quotes, and Coverage. The company explained that it works by using deep learning algorithms to correctly extract, validate and analyze records from these documents to create new growth opportunities, develop risk insights, reduce the cost of business and help customers stop losses

CogniSure documented that its patent pending algorithms extract data with high stability levels and normalize to a new common loss run format in addition to it further converts this information into actionable insights that could be an important input into your risk management decision-making process.

“CogniSure is switching the way insurance agents and brokers examine loss runs, virtually. The CogniSure platform is an of the easiest and a large number of intuitive products in the insurtech arena i always have come around in quite some time, but it will surely drive significant efficiencies and important cost savings for our business. No longer can we need to go through hundreds of circumstances on a PDF document to create a loss summary. ”

CogniSure went on to add it has trained the top 25 carrier damage run formats and expects to be able to have the top 100 insurance cover carrier loss runs trained inside system by the end involving 2020.


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