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This four week period we’re focusing on artificial intellect and its various applications for the enterprise communications space, this includes conversational interfaces, virtual assistants, not to mention bots. Gidi Adlersberg, Internet business Development Manager, AudioCodes , lately sat down with our personal UC Today Editor-in-Chief, David Dungay , to talk about just how AudioCodes leverages over 26 several years of voice technology expertise in order to deliver Voice. AI capabilities.


Gidi Adlersberg

The duo also talked about just how voice-based AI helps to push innovation that makes human-to-machine communication simple, seamless, and effective. He or she told Dungay – Natural Dialect Understanding (NLU) and Processing (NLP) both help companies to derive value from their voice-based friendships. He also noted that helps to deliver more included value by extracting content from meetings to help improve shopper and end-user experiences.

There are several solid AI applications available there, the majority of text-based, he stated. AudioCodes sees voice as typically the most fundamental form of man communications, however. This is in which the focus on enhancing this experiences comes into play. Adlersberg added that voice AI technologies extends a more natural means to interact between humans together with machines and can bring on a more intuitive experience.

“We look for use-cases where upgrading from text feel to voice experience can present added value for users”

He told Dungay that 3 years ago, AudioCodes experienced a major voice recognition tech emerging trend. Suddenly, technology could reach way up to 95 percent accuracy stages. He did, however, add that you need to understand where the want for the technology exists, therefore you can identify a sharp desire for it and find your good fit for doing this, too.


David Dungay

Today’s end users seek enhanced experiences and for you to avoid repetitive ones – therefore if you remedy this – you’ve already added value for an organization and end-user. Adlersberg said that here is the result from the AudioCodes Voice. AI, a set for solutions developed to address an array of use-cases. That spectrum includes the countless bot developers who exist, the majority of which build text-based experiences.

To take things to the next level, Adlersberg reported that the developers at AudioCodes decided that taking text comms in addition to turning the chatbot into some sort of voice bot could be significant to organizations. “One of typically the challenges involved in this really is that will many of the providers like Microsoft, Nuance, etc., have their whole own pair of APIs, so accomplishing the heavy lifting by yourself could be difficult. ” Provided you can achieve this, it might require a long time, but do you quickly bring the bot in order to those who rely on pitch technology?

“We let developers choose best-of-breed engineering partners and have a credit application of which lets them connect their text-based bots to a voice-based robot with ease”

There is also Meeting Insights , the most current addition to AudioCodes which leapt up from internal need, in respect to Adlersberg. Plain meeting recordings do not extend much valuation alone but those recordings may bring a lot of added in value to company meetings just in case companies can leverage a choice that can record, transcribe, seize visual content, organize it, and make it searchable. This is many of possible via the AudioCodes Voice. AI platform , and the company even placed Mia, a built-in voice admin that enhances the Microsoft Groups user experience.


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