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MIDDLETON, Mass., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Key takeaways

  • Datamatics provides a superior customer experience to its partners through an inherent amalgamation of the domain, digital and data.

  • Datamatics’ propriety AXIS framework aims at ‘Creating Superior Customer Experience‘.

  • Quadrant Knowledge Solutions positions Datamatics on its debut as a Leader in the SPARK Matrix report, 2022.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Logo

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Logo

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, the global advisory and consulting firm, published its detailed SPARK Matrix report for CX Management Services vendor landscape, 2022. It has competitively positioned Datamatics as a Leader amongst luminaries and globally competent premier CX Management Services providers. By providing Superior Customer Experience with Digital Services through its integrated AXIS approach (Analysis, Xperiences, Insights, Customer Satisfaction), Datamatics has emerged as a strong contender on its debut.

The A.X.I.S Approach aims at delivering enhanced customer experience, business outcomes and the next-best-action by enabling consumer insights.

Datamatics leverages ‘Analysis‘ to create ‘Insights‘ and provide improved ‘Xperiences’ to increase ‘Customer Satisfaction’ , helps to deliver superior customer experience by enabling data-driven insights; and customer, domain, market, and industry knowledge. Datamatics transforms existing customer information into actionable insights enabling ‘value creation’ across the A.X.I.S. axis.

Read the SPARK Matrix: CX Management Services, 2022 report >>

As enterprises seek growth through digital transformation, focusing on delivering personalized experiences through Connected Data to exceed customer expectations and improve brand loyalty is critical. The theme is gaining a predominant foothold across geographies and industry sectors. While dynamic markets and increasing customer expectations compel enterprises to accelerate their digital journeys, partnering with full-stack CX Management Services providers enables them to deliver immediate value.

Datamatics empowers its partners with a solid and digitally-driven service portfolio. Its AXIS suite of technology solutions aims at enhanced customer experience, sharp consumer insights, and next-best actions. The company has strategic investments in the leading CRM and customer experience management (CXM) technologies, including but not limited to advanced analytics, prescriptive dashboards, conversational AI (chatbots), integrated omni-channel assistance, multilingual capabilities, and cross-trained FTEs.

Datamatics has significant investments in proprietary products and solutions. Some of them are intelligent automation, intelligent document processing, business intelligence/visualization, artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, data pattern mining spanning across text, speech, image, video, social media analytics and workflow integration.

Datamatics’ CXM practice has a significant geographic presence in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. It has an expanding footprint in fast-growing technology, retail & e-Commerce, technology, manufacturing, telecom, BFSI, hospitality and travel sectors.

The company delivers superior value to customers through digital technologies and continuous innovation. It brings strategic value to its partners through capability creation, efficiency building, customer experience enhancement, and customer-centric thought leadership through bundled offerings and technology integration.

Priyanka Panhale, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, acknowledges Datamatics’ presence in the digitally driven integrated CXM services space, “Datamatics offers comprehensive digital capabilities around its omni-channel, integrated and multi-lingual customer services,” she validates Datamatics’ AXIS approach and concedes, “Datamatics continues to provide superior value to its customers through expertise in customer analytics, process consulting, mystery audits and AI-based solutions.” She appreciates and bears testimony to Datamatics’ Superior Customer Experience through Digital Services model, “The company is well-positioned to expand its market share in the CX Management Services market, with its comprehensive service capabilities, deep expertise, and understanding of customer management processes.”

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