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Model N, Inc., a leader in cloud revenue management solutions, is introducing its High Tech Spring 2021 release incorporating new insights to deliver improved pricing decisions and business wins by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Additional enhancements improve channel partner efficiency, data quality, and extend channel management capabilities, helping high tech firms to drive more channel revenue through automation and partner self-service.

Model N continues to innovate, delivering end-to-end solutions that enable high tech companies to intelligently improve and automate front-office and back-office processes to make the buying and selling journey easier for customers and channels.

These new enhancements to the Model N platform provide high tech companies with more intelligence, automation, and insights, enabling better business decisions while providing a greater degree of financial control and compliance, according to the vendor.

The Spring 2021 release also enhances channel partner performance and compliance, and reduces pricing complexity, while ensuring topline revenue growth.

Focused on intelligent automation and proficient management of partner ecosystems as channel revenue increases, key new features and functions in the Spring 2021 product release include:

  • Forecasting of win probability of design registrations and opportunity growth through product recommendations provided via new ML-based intelligent insights within Revenue Cloud.
  • New Revenue Cloud Historical Quote price lookup feature, providing intelligent business wins and faster pricing decisions.
  • Milestone-based metrics around rebates and incentives, extending channel management and improving channel partner performance.
  • Self-service capabilities via Channel Network enable partners to truly “own” their channel data, increasing partner engagement and satisfaction. Customers can receive accurate data faster, and partners can be more readily educated on the impact of the quality of their data.

Model N Revenue Cloud for High Tech also intelligently maximizes “pocket wins” using product recommendations that reduce revenue leakage.

The latest release also includes expanded rebate management capabilities that offer direct, intelligent insights into a company’s best- performing rebates. Updated channel data management (CDM) capabilities have expanded functionality in the automation and management of channel partner activities with Channel Network. 

“Model N continues to offer innovative end-to-end revenue management and channel solutions that address the specific operational, compliance, and financial needs of high tech companies and their channels,” said Suresh Kannan, chief product officer at Model N. “From the initial price quote to driving completed sales through the channel, Model N offers superior solutions that leverage advanced technologies to fully support the channel journey and the sales lifecycle. This new release provides even greater support for our customers in that regard.”

For more information about these updates, visit www.modeln.com.

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