mindtalks artificial intelligence: Explained: How AI is helping in the fight against Covid – Times of India – picked by mindtalks

For the vast majority of people, artificial intelligence or AI still sounds like it’s something out of science fiction. But those same people are perfectly comfortable using apps for navigation, allowing Amazon and other shopping sites to show buying recommendations, or using Alexa. That’s all based on AI. The beauty of AI is that its applications are immense — from logistics to security to screening, it can be used by almost any industry. And now it’s being used in the global fight against Covid. According to a study titled Artificial Intelligence applications for Covid-19 pandemic, published in Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews last year, AI is already being used for “proper screening, analysing, prediction and tracking of current patients and likely future patients”. How else can AI help? Take a look.

Detecting Covid early


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