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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The COVID-19 pandemic is leading an important Purdue University innovator to make changes as she works to provide you with new choices for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Jessica Huber, a mentor of Speech, Language, and Enjoying Sciences and associate dean just for research in Purdue’s College of Into the Human Savoir , leads Purdue’s Motor Speech Laboratory work. Huber and her team are now doing virtual studies to help evaluate speech disorders related to be able to Parkinson’s using artificial intelligence engineering platforms.

Huber and her team already have been working to develop telepractice resources for the assessment and treatment of speech impairments like Parkinson’s disease. They received a Country wide Institutes of Health firm development and research grant to formulate some sort of telehealth platform to facilitate the particular provision of speech treatment having the SpeechVive device, which also has received attention at the Annual Convention of the exact American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

In the current study, Huber and her team are collaborating with a startup enterprise, Modality AI, which developed the AI platform that will get used in the study.

“The putting on the technology we are evaluating can lead to far-reaching insights into extra standardization in assessments, earlier diagnoses and maybe an easier way to be able to track discrete changes eventually for you to guide interventions, ” said Andrew Exner, a graduate research assistant in the Motor Speech Laboratory. “My personal research passion, and even the mission of our laboratory work, is to find methods to increase the quality of life intended for people with Parkinson’s and various connected diseases. ”

Exner is leading the virtual study for participants throughout the country to evaluate a strong AI platform that can pull together and automatically gauge the speech skills of people with Parkinson’s ailment. The need for AI programs is increasing as the employ of telepractice explodes as your result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My curiosity about speech-language pathology actually begun within my training as an extra and opera singer, ” Exner said. “I saw the side effects of pathology on the singing and wanted to extend of which interest into speech disorders. ”

SpeechVive Inc. is an Indiana beginning company depending on Huber’s research. Often the company has developed a wearable medical device to improve your speech clarity of people along with Parkinson’s.

Anyone planning to pursue in learning more about your virtual studies or taking part, can email Exner at exner@purdue. edu .

About SpeechVive

SpeechVive is often a behind-the-ear smart device that helps those with Parkinson’s disease speak more loudly and communicate more effectively. This SpeechVive device is based for the research of inventor and also co-founder Jessica Huber at Purdue University. Clinical data over several years demonstrated SpeechVive to be effective throughout improving volume, articulation and dialog rate in 90% of the testers playing in four multi-site clinical trials. It is estimated that 1. 5 million consumers in the U. S. and diez million people worldwide suffer out of Parkinson’s disease. To learn additional about SpeechVive, visit www.speechvive.com .

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Writer: Chris Adam , cladam@prf. org  

  Andrew Exner, exner@purdue. edu


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