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PETALING JAYA: Sentient, Entropia’s big data and consulting division, has taken on board veteran digital transformation strategist, Vamsi Vanka, to lead its tech consulting division and strengthen the agency’s ability to help clients thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

He will report to Entropia partner, Sourabh Agrawal.

Commenting on this addition to Sentient, Sourabh said: “One of the big areas of failure in the technology world, in general, has been its inability to deliver the best solutions for business issues across different industries.

“Vamsi’s appointment will undoubtedly recalibrate the status quo for many of our clients, shifting data and technology ecosystems and leadership mindsets to innovate, bring new sources of value, and transform their businesses. ”

Utilising his decade-long experience on the consulting side, Vamsi’s role as principal, tech consulting is to articulate the digital transformation needs of Entropia’s clients, evolving strategies to deliver the very best CX to their customers, and defining digitisation roadmaps to move them from legacy technology system to friction-free digital state.

He joins Entropia from Infosys, one of the world’s largest technology service providers, where he primarily centered on the India and South-East Asia markets as a digital strategist, including several Malaysian clients. Previously, he delved into performance marketing, UX/UI, and digital campaigns, serving as chief media officer at Razorfish India, Tribal DDB, and Starcom IP.

On why he joined Entropia, Vamsi added: “Digital tech offers technologists a chance to customise business solutions, without having to make unmanageable investments.

“However, I believe developing the most powerful domain-specific digital systems is better achieved by companies like Entropia, where I can marry over two decades of experience in the digital media and technology space with their deep understanding of the Malaysian business domain. ”

Prashant Kumar, Entropia founder and senior partner, added: “Entropia is committed to helping clients build tech and data ecosystems of the future that can help accelerate their digital-led growth. Vamsi’s deep experience on the consulting side is an important boost to our consulting team.

“Tough times offer the right backdrop for decisive change that can unlock new value, so this appointment couldn’t be timed better. ”

Sentient provides end-to-end data to demand services, including advance analytics, data and tech consulting, business insights, mid-scale tech infra deployment, and data engineering.

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