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Influencer marketing has been seeing an increase in interest from companies advertising their products and services through online campaigns. Thanks to the rapidly-growing reach of social media sites that influencers use, influencer marketing can now be used as leverage to market offerings to specific audiences. In return, businesses can expand their reach across their buyer personas through collaboration with creators.

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However, for companies to pick the best influencers suitable for their advertisements, an influencer marketing platform should provide the best services to boost marketing campaigns online. This solution aids businesses to connect with influencers and tap into their performance and the market competition all in one place. Learn more about influencer marketing hubs below.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Before we dive deeper into the best influencer marketing platform, what is influencer marketing first?

Influencer marketing encompasses traditional marketing basics, and unlike conventional tools, it involves utilizing endorsements and product mentions from online influencers or people with dedicated social followings and those who are considered experts in their niche.

However, do not be confused with celebrities and influencers because, in contrast with them, influencers are actually reachable and can focus on advertising products and services to their followers.

The success of influencer marketing stems from the trust social influencers have cultivated with their followers, plus recommendations they champion, which serve as a medium to connect potential customers to brands and markets.

What greatly contributes to this success are influencer marketing platforms, and here are the best ones to choose from:

#1 #paid

As one of the first marketing platforms to target campaigns at different parts of the sales funnel, #paid recognizes the importance of influencers who have an audience based on their content strategy in helping brands represent their products and services.


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If you’re genuinely looking to connect with your customers, #paid offers the best solution for your influencer marketing strategy. Because besides analytics and recommendations, the platform can detect types of frauds so you can avoid counterfeit creators amassing fake followers.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Platform Like #paid Do?

Brands and companies can use #paid to explain further their campaign goals, the nature of their desired content, and the information about the ideal creator they want to partner with. With this influencer marketing platform, brands have various options to determine which influencers are best for their campaigns.

But most importantly, #paid also ensures that the collaboration existing in influencer marketing works both ways, benefitting both brands and creators.

Brands can request input from influencers using the Hand Raise tool. Influencers use the Hand Raise system to show interest in a campaign. They can write a message explaining their strategy, why they’re a good match, and why they think they are a good fit.

Major Features and Benefits

  • Provides content library and amplification

  • Has an influencer marketplace and analysis

  • Offers audience analysis and fake follower and fraud detection

#2 Influencity

Influencity lands in second place with improvements overtime to help brands access more interactive sites other than Twitter. Twitter was part of its first hook during the early days of influencer marketing. It currently includes over 70 million influencers, with 20 million on TikTok and 10 million on YouTube in its database.


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While Influencity offers four plans from simple to business packages, you can create a custom bundle by picking the features you like the best and turning them into your customized package.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Platform Like Influencity Do?

A myriad of data is available on Influencity, where you can apply filters to your search to drill down into an influencer’s profile. The platform does not appear cluttered or oversaturated but offers a wide range of options when selecting search filters.

As part of your online campaigns, Influencity also provides detailed information about the kinds of audiences your preferred influencers reach and how well this audience responds to their posts — in return, making room for organic market reach.

Major Features and Benefits

  • Suitable packages for your brand needs

  • Lets you explore your preferred influencer’s reach

  • Provides data and recommendations

  • Over 100,000 ways to filter the search for influencers

  • Seeks for organic audience reach

#3 BuzzGuru

BuzzGuru is an influencer marketing platform that provides insights and analytics into influencers’ performance and competitors’ campaigns on online platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. It helps agencies and brands better understand the competitive landscape to boost online campaigns.


(Photo : BuzzGuru)

With BuzzGuru, you can search for and discover influencers for your advertising campaigns, filter them according to over 30+ key performance indicators, uncover your competitors’ influencer marketing strategies and budgets, and conduct market research.

By using BuzzGuru’s automation features, you can scale your influencer marketing efforts and save money and resources on acquiring customers through the influencer marketing channel.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Platform Like BuzzGuru Do?

BuzzGuru’s platform provides markets with a faster and more efficient way to identify and connect with relevant influencers and content creators. All the information you need is on one page, where you can add your target contacts to the list and access up-to-date analytics.


(Photo : BuzzGuru)

Moreover, besides engagement rates, channel quality, and audience statistics, the influencer profiles also let you know the ideal time for publication, ad placement, and more strategies to help you strengthen your online campaigns.

In addition to metrics and other functionalities offered by BuzzGuru, the influencer marketing platform can also provide an edge with useful insights to help brands and markets optimize both their audience reach and engagement.

Major Features

More than 21 million content creators on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok make up BuzzGuru’s influencer database, allowing you to choose from various options for your influencer marketing strategies.

By using this influencer marketing platform, you can search for influencers that are perfectly aligned with your products and services through the utilization of filters, specific keywords, and mentions in videos. With that, your advertisements can reach your preferred audience using influential people in that particular niche.

Furthermore, BuzzGuru is equipped with an AI algorithm that calculates the projected budget of a paid advertising campaign for any influencer with more than a 10k subscriber base on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch, allowing you to estimate the advertising budget you will need.

All information vital for your influencer marketing plan is accessible through the platform. You just need to type the brand’s name into the dashboard, and you’ll see all the data and performance analytics.


  • Easy to use with all the information you need in one place

  • Connects you with suitable influencers for your advertisements and campaigns

  • Lets you save time and expenses for your marketing budget

  • Provides useful analytics and insights

  • Lets you assess the competitive landscape and be on top


As a leader in influencer marketing, BuzzGuru can streamline and automate influencer marketing campaigns, gather analytical data on specific advertising campaigns, and convert it into actual results.

#4 InstaBrand

Using content, InstaBrand aims to give brands a human voice to sincerely connect with their specified audience through influencer marketing. Currently, it maintains a database of 100,000 influencers across Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


(Photo : Screenshot from Social Media Week’s instaBRAND Section)

According to their description, InstaBrand is a “Mobile First Company” and focuses primarily on mobile apps like Instagram and Snapchat for their influencer marketing campaigns.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Platform Like InstaBrand Do?

InstaBrand has an Influencer Search Engine that recognizes 3,000,000 unique mentions and 5,000,000 keywords along with 100,000 influencers. It relies on keywords rather than predefined verticals for search.

Although Instagram is a search engine, Instagram Brand helps brands develop a strategy, find influencers, engage them, and confirm partnerships with your brand. Among other influencer marketing platforms, InstaBrand connects through various channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and even Blogs.

The influencer marketing agency is dedicated to helping brands gain visibility on social media platforms by working with influencers to promote your brands’ products and services or events.

Major Features and Benefits

  • Searches and discovers influencers of your choice

  • Analyzes creator profiles and audiences

  • Reviews content

  • Connects through various social media channels

  • Manages and reports campaigns

#5 trendHERO

TrendHERO is primarily designed for influencer discovery. However, you can utilize the platform for “influencer audits,” which are background checks for creators with whom you might want to work. Doing so will let you determine whether the said influencer has an audience suitable for your product.


(Photo : Screenshot from trendHERO Official Website)

This technology used to be available only to high-end platforms for enterprises. Now, trendHERO offers it at prices that even small businesses can afford. It includes data on over 75 million influencers and uses advanced machine learning algorithms to study them all.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Platform Like trendHERO Do?

trendHERO can only analyze Instagram data. However, its lookalike feature lets you find a similar influencer based on thousands of data points. Its artificial intelligence (AI) uses over 1,000 data points to analyze and compare professionals.

Despite being limited, trendHERO’s search results provide valuable information about suggested influencers. It also helps you assess how engaged your prospect influencers can be for your influencer marketing plans through comments.

TrendHERO includes a Tracking module that keeps track of selected accounts and influencers via social listening, plus unique insights to help you devise strategies and more.

Major Features and Benefits

  • Seek influencers based on over 1,000 data points

  • Lets you see the engagement status of your preferred influencer

  • Gives unique insights into your brand

What Is an Example of Influencer Marketing?

Casper, a mattress company that sells mattresses online, collaborated with influencers, particularly dog lovers, to promote a new pet product for their dogs. This influencer marketing was further boosted by The Dodo, an online outlet for animal lovers, which later on went live to stream the pupperazi party on Facebook.

Clearly, in Casper’s case, influencer marketing does not need to make use of any platform as leverage to support their online campaign because The Dodo already advertised it.

However, the idea of influencer marketing is there: you promote your offerings through creators or influencers who have followers because they have a specific niche, which on the grounds of this example is a pet product.

With social media being part of our daily lives now, influencer marketing will be a booming strategy, so use these platforms to stay on top!

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