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UK – Software development business The Green Room has launched some sort of digital researching the market company, The Environmentally friendly Room – Insights.  

The company’s platform will web host a variety of research techniques and techniques and will focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Instruments available over the platform include quantitative and qualitative surveys, auto-translation and also multiroom chat.

The exact Green Room allows users to move between methods of interaction and use different collaboration tools on a single platform.

It was created by Neil Rees (pictured) , former head involving research at Open Health Sufferer and Brand Communications,   and Bruce Ritchie, posessing a design in healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers and communications. Ritchie and Rees are joint managing directors with The Green Room.

The company is planning on with the Green Room platform  in other areas such as medical communications, advertising, strategic consultancy as well as training.

Rees said: “There has been an increasing transition to the use of online tools to enhance stakeholder engagement in pharmaceutical market research, the fact that has only been further accelerated by Covid-19.

“The Green Room – Insights is normally designed with the needs in the pharmaceutical market research business at its core. ”

Source: research-live. junto de


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