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Pelicans Head Coach Willie Green

On his message to the team in the locker room after tonight’s loss

“My message was: Look, don’t hang our heads, we’re in a great spot. We came out and competed tonight. We played hard. We made some mistakes and we’ll get back to practice and watch film and try to clean up some of those mistakes. We’re also grateful to have CJ (McCollum) back. He’s knocking off some rust as well. It’s just a part of adjusting. Now we’ve got to go on the road and try to win games.”

On the defensive inconsistency

“I take full responsibility for whatever it is. We came out of the All-Star break well, locked into our game plan and it’s just an area that we have to keep working on. The way we played the other night and looked great but tonight, not so great. No matter who we play, that gives us a chance to win games if we get stops on the defensive end.”

Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes

On what makes the Suns so difficult to guard

“When they don’t miss a shot, it’s pretty hard. We were 50 percent from the field, and they were 55 percent. They’re just constantly moving and having different actions, so guys will be running around the low man. Then, you have to run out and fly out on their shooters, so they’re just hard to match up with.”

On the mentality from the team with how important these last 13 games are

“We’re just locking in and taking each game at a time. We can’t focus on any games past the game that we have next, which is the San Antonio Spurs.”

Pelicans Forward Herbert Jones

On the inconsistent defensive performances from the team

“We try to stick to the game-plan. Sometimes, we’re just out of position and not following the game-plan. Sometimes, we may gamble when we don’t need to, but hopefully, we can turn it around.”

On Devin Booker killing the momentum before the end of the third quarter

“He’s a very talented player. He made some big shots. It’s kind of just how the game goes, especially the and-one. When they came down in transition, he just made some big shots. They stretched the lead, and we just never recovered.”

Source: nba.com


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