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Sir Alex Ferguson’s incredible journey to become football’s greatest manager wouldn’t have looked out of place in the pages of a comic book.

Long before he became a knight of the realm, Fergie took Aberdeen FC to unimaginable success at home and abroad after arriving at Pittodrie in 1978.

He moved to Old Trafford in 1986 with the task of returning Manchester United to former glories and in fact took the club to new heights in a historic 26-year spell which brought 38 trophies to add to the nine major trophies he won with Aberdeen.

To mark Sir Alex’s 80th birthday we decided to celebrate this real-life comic book hero by creating our very own Fergie comic strip in his honour.

Fergie famously described himself as the Poet Laureate of Govan during his time at Pittodrie and our sketch looks back at the time he fined Aberdeen’s ’80s heroes in verse!

Football Picture Story Monthly artist Carlos Pina put our script to paper in the style of the pocket-size comic which brought the beautiful game to life in black and white.

As Fergie says in the final scene: “Poetry in motion!”

Happy birthday Sir Alex and all the best for 2022.

Alex Ferguson – hero manager of Aberdeen FC

A cartoon of Alex Ferguson, Aberdeen manager celebrating a win with Aberdeen players and fans

A comic strip showing the Aberdeen players celebrating with fans after 'another great season for the dons'. On the team bus the players are singing 'The Northern Lights of old Aberdeen mean home sweet home' and one player says: 'This will ne a nice break in Spain. The final scene shows the Aberdeen team bus arriving at a Benidorm hotel and Alex Ferguson says: ' Right lads, have fun, but not too much fun.'

A comic strip showing the Aberdeen players in a hotel and one says: 'This is boring, let's get a football.' They throw a football from a high balcony saying: 'Let's see how much it bounces'. In the next box we see Alex Ferguson, saying:' right, time to dish out some lines'. We then see a letter to the Aberdeen players which says: ' You'll notice by your wage cheque that I've fined you three pounds for bouncing a ball from the tenth floor into the hotel grounds.' Alex Ferguson describes himself as the 'Poet Laureate Govan.' The final section shows 'Later in Gothenburg' as the Aberdeen players celebrate a European Cup Winner's Cup victory by holding the cup aloft, with Alex Ferguson saying: 'Pure poetry'.

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Source: pressandjournal.co.uk


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