mindtalks advertising: Omnichannel DSP Sage + Archer Partners With Hivestack to Further Scale Programmatic DOOH To Advertisers Across Europe – ExchangeWire – picked by mindtalks

Hivestack , the primary global programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech company today released a new partnership with Sage + Archer , the European programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) and mobile media having platform. This partnership allows brandnames and media buyers utilising Sage + Archer’s omnichannel DSP to help access Hivestack’s portfolio of insurance rate DOOH inventory via their supply-side platform (SSP).

Advertisers can now unlock fresh opportunities and activate the finest DOOH screens across Europe inside real-time based on consumer habits and audience movement patterns. Through this partnership, Sage + Archer offers brands an unique possibility to reach audiences in the UK by using access to over 90% of a DOOH marketplace, while publishers in the UK and Germany that are integrated into Hivestack’s SSP gain limelight to omnichannel media buyers coming from new markets.

“We’re thrilled to acquire Sage & Archer to expand their DOOH reach across Europe, ” says William Brownsdon, UK managing director at Hivestack. “The advantages regarding Hivestack’s programmatic technology allows videos buyers to use GDPR certified data that is contextual not to mention dynamic in order to achieve their consumers like never well before. This partnership also creates options available for their advertisers to stretch out their digital reach by accessing our premium inventory in often the UK. ”

“The outdoor advertising industry has been recently hit hard by the have an impact on of the COVID-19 pandemic”, communal Diederick Ubels, co-founder Sage + Archer. “In times of uncertainty, media buyers are more reluctant to plan campaigns which may not really be able to deliver the expected results as governments apply national and regional rules that will impact footfall. By integrating together with Hivestack, we have further extended our reach, providing media clients with the flexibility and experience required to realise impact when starting, stopping, measuring and modernizing campaigns based on real-time transportable device data. ”

Source: exchangewire. com


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