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US – Sports sponsorship data platform FanAI has introduced fan audience segments for targeted programmatic buying of sports sponsorships.  

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The move will allow brands to target specific fan segments, such as fans of a specific sports personality by region, rather than generic sports audience segments.

Sports rights holders use FanAI’s software to monetise their fans, while brands use it to track and optimise marketing spend.

FanAI has combined multiple data sets to create a unified identity to develop the segments. Brands can combine programmatic sponsorship with FanAI’s attribution, which offers insights on revenue generated from campaigns.

Johannes Waldstein, founder and chief executive, FanAI, said: “One of the key saviours for teams and leagues over the pandemic has been their ability to engage fans away from live games via social media, email and other digital platforms.

“However, for sports sponsorships to be effective in a programmatic setting there needs to be scale and custom segmentation. With the potential now for increased impression frequency, larger unique/addressable audiences and longer exposure periods, brands can drive a larger and longer lasting impact on sales through their association with sports.”

Source: research-live.com


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