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Looking back again to my first day connected with work in January 1980, the exact big news was uMkhonto weSizwe, the military wing of typically the ANC, demonstrating against the Language Lions rugby team visiting SA. My other vivid recollection involving that day was the heavy stuff of the maroon bell-bottoms My spouse and i had bought for the occasion – my most expensive purchase to date.

That was a time of   telex equipment, typing and Tipp-ex; not to be able to mention realms of post which often comprised a good amount of worthless trash mail. Television and stereo (such as LM Radio) and their DJs were the hot topics, while were the launch of Metropolis Radio 604 and Radio 702. These were seismic events around the time since before this specific all radio stations near your vicinity received been owned by the SABC. Drive-time advertising could only possibly be booked with two spots through the morning and two places in the afternoon, which needed to be bought as a package.

There was initially one television station in 80. The agency would put forth its annual budget and some sort of few weeks later the contract for 30 spots read throughout the exact year would arrive in the post. Moreover, if you happen to received the exact number of posts you requested you would be happy – there simply was no solution around programmes or flighting.

The huge change to hit the full price sector and revolutionise how individuals shopped at this time had been the opening on the first Choose n Pay Hypermarket, where the two food and general merchandise are sold.

Options in the media realm felt as though they ended up exploding, with new radio areas and talk of the second tv channel starting. Amusing as it can appear today, at the time this was comparable to the launch about a new social bookmarking platform.

The level is this: I have used up 40 years working in the advertising and marketing industry each year brings along with it some fundamental change. Coming from fax machines to digital multimedia, microwaves, barcodes and scanners in order to social, economic and political moves, the industry is a rollercoaster where no day is actually the same and the finest way to keep up is always to stay ahead of the gameplay.

That constant tsunami of events means that as an industry most of us have been hearing different types of the identical story for some period about decreased budgets and worked out finances in marketing departments.

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