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Australian Audio Network (ARN) has launched a powerful in-house media research unit to study how advertisers can carry advantage of audio.

The radio company said your ARN Neuro Lab can come to be accessed by clients to evaluate and optimise the creative effects of radio, music, and podcasts.

“The launch from the ARN Neuro Lab reinforces our ambition to be able to be the leaders in characterizing audio, ” ARN CEO Ciaran Davis said.

“It’s the first in-house media center from the type in Australia not to mention demonstrates our commitment to helping our own commercial partners maximise the consequence of their investment in stereo while arming ARN with a far better understanding for how radio, popular music and podcasts can be used together to meet the audio needs of the Australians. ”


Your ARN Neuro Lab has by now conducted its first study, ‘Sound You Can See’, which concerned examining how audio influences buyer engagement, mood, and attitude toward brands.

Justin Stone

The research took place all over this year, and showed that hearing to ads across two music formats led to a 200% increase in attention and 134% uplift in memory. Audio can maximize memory for out from home not to mention TV messages by an standard of 35%, the study – whose full findings will become published the coming year – revealed.

The neuro lab implements a neuroscientific research approach, and also is led by ARN’s overseer of research and insights, Justin Stone, and research and neuroscience specialist, Dr Shannon Bosshard.

“The ARN Neuro Laboratory work will be a powerful source of our commercial and content squads alike, ” Stone said.

“We are aiming to give clients a greater level of customer insight and aid to evaluate, then optimise, typically the content they use to hook up with audiences. Combined with all of our existing qualitative and quantitative techniques the work we do thru the Neuro Lab will present ARN and its clients a significant advantage by delivering a good unparalleled understanding of how audio can achieve the results most people desire. ”

Dr Bosshard

Dr Bosshard added that launching the lab is the “career highlight”.

“Much of the work we schedule to roll out this month will be global-firsts, and could help ARN be on the front of audio excellence. The outcomes we possess seen from our first couple of projects are encouraging and are going to further reinforce the power involving audio as a means available for human connection. ”

Source: mumbrella. com. au


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