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Brands needs change as businesses grow. We’ll help you market smarter from day one, here you have different flexible plans that grow with you

*Sample size > 6 Million of people:  $ 0.005 per surveyed
Questions > 60: $ 450 per question

Add-ons for every need gives you key insights gathered in our listeners plan’s. These insights are the new engine for improvements in sales effectiveness, typycally developed in our amazing landing pages:

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Are you looking for a lead generation software? 

Lead generation software is a platform that will help you automatically generate and collect leads from specific channels and route the collected leads to sales or marketing teams for conversion. … For instance, landing page-focused lead generation software. give you the ability to follow or re-target a user in his/her mobile and desktop with a customized ad based on an opinion previously answered.  Check out our Leads Driven by relevant insights approach

Programmatic Surveying

Ask questions and get responses in real-time from a highly qualified online audience anytime, anywhere, and across all devices and browsing platforms

Unbeatable audience

Survey actual people – not an incentivised panel. 2.5 billion people in 155 countries segmented by what matters to you: their demographics, passions, professions, among others.

Real-time dashboard

Monitor the progress of your survey campaign and check how your audience is responding in real time

Data enrichment

Attributes such as gender, age bracket, device, browser, location, in-market segment, affinity categories and other categories are available in our reports

Export survey data to your computer

Export the device data in CSV, Google docs and Excel format by using our built-in exporter feature

Data processing

Nothing to assemble or maintain. mindtalks deliver a complete solution from end to end!


Frequently asked questions

What is programmatic surveying?

The concept of programmatic surveying derives from the combination of programmatic advertising and online surveying.  In programmatic ad buying, programmatic software allows advertisers to buy guaranteed targeted ad impressions from specific publisher sites – this method of buying is often referred to as “programmatic direct.” In programmatic surveying, the ads bought using programmatic software are used to display a short survey, or “survad”, instead of a regular ad.

What is a survad?

survad is a short survey that is served to target consumers in the window of an online ad. At mindtalks we developed a proprietary and patented technology that leverages the infrastructure of online ads and programmatic advertising to offer a non-intrusive way of establishing a dialogue with online consumers.

How does mindtalks interact with clients?

mindtalks works with clients in order to define the specific type of questions to be asked and choices of responses to be displayed.  Finally, based on the purchased add-on, a landing webpage is defined as a final step of the navigation – this is the website where the respondent is directed after completing the answer.

Why do survads generate a higher response rate than regular surveys?

Survads – as opposed to traditional ways of serving online surveys – generate a response rate that is between 4X and 10X that of traditional technologies. This is because of two main factors: the use of programmatic ad purchasing technology and reduced friction. The use of programmatic technology enables for laser-focus targeting of consumers for which the survad question is highly relevant and therefore increases the propensity to respond. The reduced friction results from the fact that the interaction with the survad is contained within the small ad window inserted in the webpage, therefore facilitating responding to the question with just one simple click.

How do I select my target audience for my question?

Based on your objective for engaging with consumers, you’ll have to select a specific target that will be used to buy ads programmatically. You will work with your our insght’s team who buys the programmatic advertising to select the target audience to whom the survads will be delivered.

How can I access the results in real time?

mindtalks provides you with a link where you can monitor – in real time – how your target audience is responding. You will be able to see how many questions have been served and how many “readers” of the questions are responding. In addition, we will provide you with details in terms of responses chosen, gender, age range, device, and other attributes of the respondent. You will also have access to a comprehensive report including all data points captured.

How long does it take to publish a question once I submitted my request to mindtalks?

Answers are available within 48 hours of receiving the request.

Interested in Joining our insights sales force?

We welcome insights leaders and marketers leader to apply to join our sales force. Please submit our online information form to start the process. A representative will contact you within 3 days of your submission to guide you through our streamlined application process. 

Affiliates, Wondering how to monetize your traffic?

By supplementing your income, you could be enjoying the finer things in life. One way to do this is to monetize your site’s traffic, especially if you receive a large volume of visitors. Indeed, if the main purpose of your B2B website is to provide information to business clients, then monetizing your traffic may be your only means of profit. 

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