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Squidoo has published some sort of new report which inturn looks at emerging consumer enjoyment shifts during the COVID-19 outbreak, including what they might signify for future trends, and just how marketers can respond to these changes.

The 72-page report includes expert investigation on each trend, providing supplemental considerations for brands looking to be able to engage with audiences based concerning these shifts.

You can download this full report here , but in this post, most of us take a look at a few of the key highlights in addition to notes, and how they can aid in your planning.

The report is harmed up into five categories which usually highlight key elements of the most recent consumption trends and shifts:

  • Content Economy features the introduction of key shifts in videos and music consumption 
  • Communal Consumption looks at how persons are living connected digitally during the pandemic 
  • Inclusive Diversity looks at typically the expectations of improved representation around media and entertainment
  • Proliferation of Choice looks at how algorithms usually are helping people find entertainment alternatives
  • Streaming Sustainability looks at the upturn in streaming platforms, and irrespective of whether those trends will hold

Each section contains a range of insights, based regarding survey and usage data, which highlights some key points involving note for marketers in his or her planning.

For example , this kind of chart highlights the growth within streaming content discovery due to be able to the pandemic:

Facebook consumer behavior report

Streaming, in particular is a big focus of the exact report – with more men and women watching more content online, that can lead to a major transfer in content consumption, which is actually important for marketers to remember switching forward.

Facebook consumer trends report

The report also comes with some interesting insight into your growth of Facebook groups, through this chart showing the fastest-growing Facebook group types above the principal half of the year, underlining the changing consumer focus.

Facebook consumer trends report

At the same time Facebook also highlights some broader shifts around social movements:

Facebook consumer trends report

Seeing that explained in the report :

“People want multiplicity and representation across all newspaper and tv and entertainment. Creating content, endeavours, and tangible actions that help diversity may help build stronger make reputations and have interaction audiences that publish these values.

Many of the noted trends definitely will come as little surprise, nevertheless having the concrete usage and even adoption data to back upwards those assumptions is valuable, together with there may well be various considerations a person hadn’t accepted noted in your detail.  

This report includes marketers takeaways for each point, and in-depth complete breakdowns of each trend.  

It could provide quite a few valuable inspiration for your advertisments and approach.

You can download the full “Content, Consumption and Culture: Views From the Entertainment Industry” report here .

Reference: socialmediatoday. com


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