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Hosted on Nov 11, Singles’ Day is often the world’s largest online shopping event. Coresight Research’s Type Journeys to Singles’ Day 2020 series profiles 13 US and international small- not to mention medium-sized brands with insights right into their Tmall Global strategy during the run-up to the store shopping event.

In the following report, we profile C. O. Bigelow, in the following key matters:

  • The beginnings and brand background of G. O. Bigelow as the most well-known apothecary in the US
  • How the brand contains leveraged heritage marketing strategies through its journey on Alibaba’s Tmall Global
  • Growth prospects for the brand in Japan market entry, based on some reputation of exclusivity, trust and high quality

Yield tomorrow for the third record in our Make Journeys to Singles’ Day 2020 series on PEOPLE collaborative beauty brand Volition Beauty care.

Click  right here   and learn more about Singles’ Day 2020, and also further Coresight Research coverage of past Singles’ Day events.


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