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Access to basic needs is enabled by unique data-driven angel investing program

TORONTO, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Clearco, the world’s largest e-commerce investor revolutionizing the way founders grow their businesses, today announced that its industry-leading ClearAngel program is funding Sock Rocket, a creative footwear brand that also donates socks to various agencies who support those in need. ClearAngel gives early-stage companies access to revenue share capital, data-driven advice, and an extensive network of apps, agencies, and investors powered by Clearco.

Founded by Tommy Zizian in 2016, Sock Rocket donates three pairs of socks per every pair sold. It may come as a surprise to some that socks are one of the most needed items for institutions that help the less fortunate. Sock Rocket has been highly successful at closing some of this gap, having donated roughly 150,000 pairs to date, but they are looking to better their donation program in several ways. ClearAngel will enable them to grow in sales, which will increase the volume of socks they are able to donate.

ClearAngel is among just a few equity-free, flexible capital options for early-stage founders who lack the network to raise an angel round or join exclusive accelerators. Since its February 2021 launch, the program has already funded over 350 companies.

“Clearco is helping us expand our operations and make an even bigger impact on those in need,” said Tommy Zizian, co-founder, Sock Rocket. “It’s extremely important for us to be able to donate more and more, and growth means we’ll be able to do just that.”

In addition to $10,000 of flexible capital, Sock Rocket will also get access to a network of more than 500 investors, growth teams, agencies, apps, lawyers, and buyers; and data-driven advice designed to help scale and hit new revenue milestones. With ClearAngel’s funding, they will be able to pursue multi-channel revenue and master ad spend. More immediately, the brand is working to perfect its new wholesale partnership and promote their recently released Christmas collection.

“We’re proud to fund Sock Rocket in its ongoing mission to provide those in need with socks, which are often an underappreciated building block of a new start,” said Andrew D’Souza, CEO and co-founder, Clearco. “For Sock Rocket, this ClearAngel investment reflects our mission of helping small businesses increase revenue and attain resources, and will propel the brand to broaden its impact on footwear and those it benefits.”

To learn more about Sock Rocket and donate while shopping, visit sockrocket.ca.

ClearAngel is currently onboarding E-commerce and product companies. The program has limited spots available for SaaS, Apps, marketplace and stealth companies. To learn more about applying, visit angel.clearbanc.com.

About Clearco:
Co-founded as Clearbanc in 2015 by Michele Romanow from Canada’s Shark Tank (Dragons’ Den), Andrew D’Souza, Ivan Gritsiniak, Charlie Feng, and Tanay Delima, Clearco offers the most founder-friendly capital solutions for e-commerce, mobile apps, and SaaS founders as well as a full suite of products and access to a powerful global network, insights and data, and recommendations. Clearco has invested over $2 Billion in over 4,500 companies to date, including Leesa Sleep, fashion-rental service Le Tote, home goods company Public Goods, shirtmaker UNTUCKit, online speech therapy practice Expressible, and digital real estate marketplace SetSchedule. For more information visit clear.co and @getClearco.

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Krista Tietjen, Clearco, 610-213-2824, krista.tietjen@clear.co

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