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Using the new SAP MaxAttention Analytics and Data Management portfolio, SAP Premium Engagement customers can now experience X+O Analytics Consulting services to further enhance their organisation’s business improvement process. The brand new offering aims to empower customers to drive innovation by providing authoritative guidance in leveraging the combined power of X-data (experience data) and O-data (operational data) with SAP analytics technology.

Ever since the acquisition of leading experience management company Qualtrics by SAP in 2018, the global solutions provider has been encouraging and educating customers and prospects all over the world on the importance of bringing O-data together with X-data in transforming customer engagement and driving business goals. Combining these two sets of data eliminates what Qualtrics calls an “experience gap”—the disconnect between how a company perceives its product and/or service performance and how customers actually feel about it.

X+O Analytics: An Integral Part of Business Improvement Process

SAP has been the leader in helping companies gather O-data from enterprise applications in managing their businesses. O-data is data a type of strategic data collected from day-to-day operations that include internal control and operational environment information such as:

  • customer information (the number of new or lost customers, the number of website visitors)
  • workforce information (employee attrition, employee promotion history, and employee performance rating)
  • financial information (sales figures, profitability)
  • inventory turnover
  • information on direct competitors

Obtaining these data is the first step to understanding the experiences of customers. The second step is gathering X-data which is the customer’s “side” of the story. In a blog post, Karthik Thirumalai, Vice President of Analytics and Insight Services at SAP Customer Success, explains the importance of this next step in designing a company’s business improvement process:

“X-data captures the human sentiment that could influence the rise or fall of a product, increase or decrease a brand‘s value, capture the pulse of a company’s employees, or allow insights on a customer‘s experience at every touchpoint with a company; valuable moments of impact that could make or break a company‘s long term success.”

With the latest X+O Analytics Consulting service from the SAP MaxAttention team, SAP Premium Engagement customers will be able to successfully develop an X+O Analytics capability that seamlessly integrates into their existing SAP analytics landscape. SAP MaxAttention experts will help in efficiently gathering O-data from SAP information systems to compare against and combine with the outcomes of X-data tracking. 

The standardised specialist service will be delivered in a phased manner across SAP MaxAttention’s Prepare, Discover, Design and Deliver phases, according to Thirumalai. Furthermore, the X+O Analytics service also has touchpoints with other SAP services like the Quick Start Service for Experience Management Solutions that help develop and validate an Experience Management (XM) program strategy.

Lastly, Thirumalai says that X+O Analytics can also be used as a COVID-19 PE scenario in the recently introduced Essential Business Services from SAP—a portfolio of individual services that have been specially selected by SAP to help customers manage their most important business processes by minimizing risk to drive continuity during uncertain times, such as the current COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Source: insidesap.com.au


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