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GigaSpaces , the provider of  InsightEdge , the fastest in-memory real-time analytics processing platform, announced that their InsightEdge AnalyticsXtreme solution has also been selected as the winner for the “Data Management Innovation of your Year” award in the 2020 Data Breakthrough Awards program executed by Data Breakthrough, an impartial market intelligence organization that identifies the top companies, technologies plus products in the global files technology market today.

GigaSpaces AnalyticsXtreme, part of the exact InsightEdge platform, ingests, processes, merchants and analyzes large and swiftly growing data from any details source. The software platform flawlessly accelerates by 100X access for you to external historical data stores which include Hadoop, Amazon S3, Azure Info Lake Storage, Snowflake, etc. over cloud, on-premise and multi-cloud. This kind of adds context to real-time female and transactional data to enhance machine learning model accuracy which allows enterprises to create smarter, faster observations on their big data.

“By choosing advanced mechanisms for intelligent tiering, data is efficiently stored to be able to and then accessed from often the right storage layer based at performance, while optimizing infrastructure prices across the entire solution and also data lifecycle, ” said  Yoav Einav , VP Product at GigaSpaces. “More efficient queries, analytics and unit learning on live data overflowing with historical data improves often the performance and accuracy of period critical applications and making decisions. This is particularly relevant today in the COVID-19 crisis, where analyzing files is critical for determining how to best respond to quickly changing conditions in order to optimize online business operations such as risk study, on-line purchasing, inventory management, together with supply chains. We are pleased to get this significant industry respect from Data Breakthrough in recognition for this innovative spirit and achievement of the GigaSpaces team. ”

The outcome Breakthrough Awards will be the premier awards program started to recognize the data technologies innovators, leaders and visionaries as a result of around the world in a good range of categories, including Files Analytics, Big Data, Business Thinking ability, Data Storage and many extra. The inaugural Data Breakthrough Prize program attracted around 1, two hundred nominations from around the world.

“Real-time analysis is without a doubt an very important business capability, providing time-sensitive information for mission-critical applications and final decision making requires advanced technology that will can deliver actionable personalized info at low-latency speeds, ” said  James Johnson , Dealing with Director, Data Breakthrough. “GigaSpaces offers on this need for its prospects, emerging as a leading chief in the data and analytics space with their powerful InsightEdge platform that we are thrilled to recognize within our 2020 Information Breakthrough Awards program.

Source: aithority. com


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