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SINGAPORE , May 4,   2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Maritime in addition to Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and additionally NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial give of the National University of Singapore (NUS), today announced that twelve start-ups from L ort I nnovation Elizabeth cosystem N eimagined @ BLOCK 71 ( PIER71 )’s Smart Port Challenge (SPC) 2019 have every been awarded S$50, 000 in scholarship grant funding from MPA. The supporting will enable the start-ups to conduct prototype development and test-bed their near market-ready solutions.

A virtual environment based on a digital twin of a crude oil tanker developed by Kanda to simulate a Lock Out Tag Out safety procedure

Above the next 12 months, the particular start-ups will be working regarding pilot projects in collaboration by using PIER71’s maritime corporate partners, who actually will provide subject matter enjoy, test data, as well when a platform to test-bed all their solutions. Their grant applications ended up being assessed based on the stability of their solutions in approaching maritime challenges. Focusing on technological innovation such as artificial intelligence, exclusive and augmented reality (V/AR), blockchain, robotics and wearables, these start-ups are:

  • ASA Development
  • C-LOG
  • Cerekon
  • Dravam
  • Kanda
  • KoiReader Technologies
  • Marified
  • Megapixel
  • Newton Services Research (local entity of Delvify)
  • Efficiency Rotors
  • Tropical Renewable Energy levels Engineering (TREE)

Upon the successful finalization of the projects, the ocean going corporates will be adopting typically the final products/solutions. Mr. Ron Fong , Regional THE IDEA Manager of Teekay said, “The use of Kanda’s VR way to simulate a safety process known as Lock Out Marking Out, permits our crew to undergo training in a practical tanker which is essentially be sure you twin of the one these people try, without endangering their resides or damaging any equipment. Our company is also working with Cerekon to explore a remote support program, that will enable our onboard engineers to use voice-activated head-mounted wearables to safely and extra efficiently conduct equipment maintenance. inches

Ms. Quah Cari?o Hoon, Chief Executive of MPA, said, “Although the global COVID-19 situation has caused widespread dysfunction, we push ahead with advancement in the maritime sector. Singapore goes on to support the use associated with emerging technologies to transform the exact maritime industry, uplift the manner companies do their business as well as strengthen our resilience as a maritime nation. These grants are part of MPA’s commitment to supporting innovation as part of Singapore’s Sea Sheduled delivery Industry Transformation Map, and are heartened by the results we’ve observed to date from previous grants recipients. ”

Teacher Freddy Boey , NUS Deputy President (Innovation and even Enterprise), said, “Start-ups addressing technology opportunities created through Smart Opening Challenge are bringing solutions to be able to real problems faced by the maritime industry. By leveraging the exact extensive pool of talent as a result of the university, a global network associated with resources from NUS Enterprise, seeing that well as industry partnerships by means of MPA, PIER71 is playing an important pivotal role in bridging the exact gap between innovation and market place needs. ”

Seven out from 13 of the earlier grant recipients from Smart Harbour Challenge 2018 have completed their whole pilot projects, with the staying five nearing completion. Ship Supplies Direct , a start-up focusing on improving marine logistics and supply chain, features reported up to 30% shrinkage in delivery costs and up to three hours less hoping time per delivery through all their pilot project with PSA Essential. Aeras Medical, a start-up through experience in the healthcare trade, also completed a three-month on the machine trial with OMC Shipping. All their vital signs monitoring solution is used in order to and manage crew health remotely, and achieved superior adherence rate among the staff.

For a great deal more information on the list for grant recipients, please refer for you to Annex A.

About PIER71

Founded by the Maritime and also Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) as well as the National University associated with Singapore (NUS), because of its entrepreneurial arm NUS Entity, PIER71 (Port Innovation Ecosystem Reimagined at BLOCK71) aims to develop Singapore’s maritime innovation ecosystem. PIER71 boosts innovation in the maritime together with maritime-related industries by attracting advantages, creating opportunities for the return of knowledge and ideas, getting investments into start-ups and accelerating ventures.

PIER71 patterns and delivers programmes to uncover chances within the industry and sustains entrepreneurs from ideation to hurrying of their ventures. PIER71 will provide having access to various markets, demand car owners, technology solution providers, investors in addition to more. PIER71 also represents a new budding and increasingly vibrant ecosystem of stakeholders who are eager to digitalise and create the next wave of maritime innovation.

For more information, you need to visit https://pier71.sg

About the particular Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

MPA had been established on two February 1996 , together with the vision to develop Singapore as a recognized global hub port and global maritime centre, and to develop and safeguard Singapore’s strategic maritime motivations. MPA certainly is the driving force pertaining to Singapore’s port and maritime development, applying on the roles of Port Authority, Port Regulator, Port Advisor, IMC Champion, and National Maritime Representative. MPA partners an and additionally other agencies to enhance prevention, security and environmental protection within our port waters, facilitate town operations and growth, expand this cluster of maritime ancillary suppliers, and promote maritime R& D and manpower development.

For more information, please visit https://www.mpa.gov.sg/web/portal/home

About Nationwide University of Singapore (NUS)

The exact National University from Singapore (NUS) will be Singapore’s flagship university, which offers a global approach to education, research and even entrepreneurship, with a focus in Asian perspectives and expertise. Most of us have 17 faculties across 3 campuses in Singapore , as well as 16 NUS Overseas Colleges across the particular world. Close to 40, 1000 students from 100 countries greatly enhance our vibrant and diverse grounds community.

Our a comprehensive and real-world approach to education, research and entrepreneurship enables us all to work closely with market, governments and academia to home address crucial and complex issues specific to Asia and the world. Scientists in our faculties, 29 university-level research institutes, research centres associated with excellence and corporate labs target on themes offering energy, ecological and urban sustainability; treatment as well as prevention of diseases common amid Asians; active ageing; advanced substances; as well as risk control and resilience of financial techniques. Our latest research focus is undoubtedly on the utilization of data scientific discipline, operations research and cybersecurity in order to support Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.

For more information regarding NUS, please visit www.nus.edu.sg

About NUS Enterprise

NUS Enterprise, the pioneeringup-and-coming arm of NUS, plays some pivotal role in advancing new development and entrepreneurship at NUS and additionally beyond. It actively promotes entrepreneurship and cultivates global mind-sets in addition to talents via the synergies of experiential entrepreneurial education, active industry close ties, holistic entrepreneurship support and catalytic entrepreneurship outreach. Its initiatives plus global connections support an array of entrepreneurial journeys and promote ecosystem building in new marketplaces. These initiatives augment and supplement the University’s academic programmes and even acts as an unique connect to industry well beyond Singapore’s shores.

For more advice, please visit https://enterprise.nus.edu.sg

Annex A: Grant Recipients for Intelligent Port Challenge 2019

FOCUS AREA: Environment friendly & Intelligent World Class Lastest Port



ABEJA is one connected with the first start-ups specialising on Machine Learning (ML) and In depth Learning (DL) in Asia. Your organisation has deployed over 250 Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects around various industries and specialises during implementing computer vision solutions. In support of the maritime industry, ABEJA is using video analytics and thorough learning to automate many regime tasks that are manual and also tedious. With improved operations, organizations can help their employees gain greater productivity and focus about higher-level endeavours. Backed by huge number of investors including Google, Nvidia, Salesforce, ABEJA was the only Japanese start-up to always be commended by CB Experience (AI 100: The Artificial Intelligence Start-ups Redefining Industries).




2. KoiReader Technologies

Examining and cross-referencing financial and statement documentation is a labour-intensive method in the maritime industry. KoiReader has developed an innovative machine learning visual recognition system of which extracts contextual data from information (image and text) and gets into it into legacy and ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING systems as actionable operational data. This improves the accuracy about filling up logistics data with respect to regulatory clearance, brings down this cost of document processing via US$2. 50 to lower than number of cents per page, and reduces operational risks such as those people associated with mis-declaration of risky goods.




the 3. Mp

A massive amount about communication goes on together with each day vessel operations. However, the manquement of a system to keep track of and tag real-time and beyond information the actual retrieval of famous data difficult and time having some. Harnessing its rich development experience, Megapixel has developed a resolution called Globarius which has already become successful in the construction community and is being adapted to find the maritime industry to make port/terminal operators with a knowledge database, using progress tracking tools to get, organise and report data.



FOCUS AREA: Ingenious Fleet Operations & Autonomous Vessels


1. ASA Development

ASA Development, through a new decade of refinement and assessing, has established the Contego Productivity Program, an instrument that has helped several organisations improve their operational efficiency, by way of standardisation of process and réunion of data from remote websites. Contego Audit has helped several offshore and maritime companies try to make sense of previously fragmented functions. Contego Document Management has made it possible for organisations to mobilise management programs so all company information are at the fingertips of the folks who need it the many. ASA’s team is dedicated to building the maritime industry more productive utilizing tools that make your life easier.




a couple of. C-LOG

C-LOG is pioneering facts collaboration from the maritime industry simply by making inter-organisational sharing of team documentation easier and faster when respecting the data privacy connected with the seafarer. Addressing a struggle to formulate a crew-centric platform that will supports self-management and career proliferation within the maritime industry, C-LOG can be having a solution that digitises present paper-based processes by leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). That would save the maritime business between 30-50% of costs relevant to handling crew documentation.




3. Cerekon

Efficacy, safety and productivity are main concerns when it comes for you to the inspection and maintenance about vessels, particularly entire fleets. As a smart wearables solution company, Cerekon’s AI based, “Voice-driven Handsfree Inspection & Remote Support System”, enables field personnel to run inspections, capture issues, conduct audits, diagnose problems and train office staff, without the use of portable devices or paper based devices. By wearing the specially designed wearables, personnel can safely conduct audits,   identify leakages/cracks, access electric checklists, auto-generate job reports, by using simple human voice orders and live stream their job to seek remote assistance, without the need for bulky devices, leaving their particular hands free to carry tools/equipment or hold on-to hand side rails for safety.




4. Dravam

Dravam’s innovative supply quality monitoring solution is a strong early detection system, scanning the exact entire bunker transfer for contaminants and currently providing near current information about the fuel high quality. Installed seamlessly onto a ship, this patented solution increases performance and assurance of bunkering surgical treatments, and addresses the industry’s have to have for faster fuel quality evaluation. With Singapore being the tour’s first port to implement block flow metering, to ensure quantity associated with bunker, the implementation of superior quality monitoring will enable Singapore port to ensure “Q& Q” (Quantity and Quality) of this bunker fuel.




5. Kanda

Kanda is producing virtual and augmented reality systems, in addition to machine learning to handle the high expenses associated with hiring together with training within the maritime sector. Using a photorealistic digital california king of an entire tanker, Kanda is building a virtual inescapable fact training session that allows staff members to move around this simulated tanker. Kanda has in addition created an unique technique that will uses machine learning and situational judgment to validate how perfectly a candidate’s response correlates for you to performance as part of typically the recruitment process.




6. Marified

Building on your success and traction its mother or company, Edufied, had gain using its blockchain-based storage and confirmation solution for the education enterprise, Marified has created an electric wallet that secures a seafarer’s certifications against forgery and is normally accessible from around the globe. This can reduce the administrative loads for Flag States, port clearance respective authorities, ship owners, ship management providers and training centres by 90-97%. The application of blockchain technology also lowers the potential health risks associated with hacking about current digital solutions.




7. Newton Services Homework (local entity of Delvify)

Delvify builds and runs predictive AI models for businesses. Using state-of-the-art, conceived in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) instruments including computer vision, natural terminology processing and automated speech attention we help maritime enterprises wash, categorise and analyse their data to optimise operational processes. We take data which includes past consumer actions, combine it with thirdly party data to create a good forecasting and decision-making platform to recommend actions to vessel operators hoping to optimise roll-pools, pricing as well as loadings.




9. Performance Rotors

In-hull ship home inspections tend to be time-consuming and risky a consequence of to confined spaces, heights, minimal amount of oxygen or presence in toxic or flammable gasses. Just by bringing their confined drone engineering with AI defect identification and even non-destructive testing (NDT) to the maritime industry, Performance Rotors can certainly help to minimise such pitfalls and costs. Their method uses NDT technology in addition to video, to allow for detailed inspection, digitalisation, data science plus management, which leads to less complicated comparison of results for better conjecture repairs and maintanance programme formulation.




9. Tropical Renewable Electric power Engineering (TREE)

TREE supports Singapore’s green port initiative by sharing novel and innovative solutions towards Digital twin based marine resource health monitoring with real-time talent. TREE’s underwater drone-based solution is designed to minimise downtime of ocean assets by providing early information regarding potential failures of marine solutions, to take timely preventive tactics much faster than conventional maintenance tactics. TREE also specialises in reference or resource mapping and environmental impact for water bodies and coastal spots using novel sensor integrated surficial robots that provides vital knowledge such as seabed bathymetry, water quality and tidal flow and even wave conditions.



Picture – https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20200504/2793352-1



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