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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and appliance learning have particularly taken often the center-stage as more and extra businesses realise the potential connected with these technologies. The soaring marketplace demand of AI in recent many years has seen incredible uptake, producing more job opportunities in this space. According to the  World Economic Forum’s report , AI-enabled automation will generate 133 million new jobs globally simply by 2022. In India, the need for this AI skills pool has fast in the last couple of years. This particular is largely credited to the government’s steps towards digitisation as well as the arrival of multinational companies in the area. Massive companies are pouring huge main city to acquire skillfull AI professionals , paying handsome salaries.

Here is definitely the list of top artificial intelligence jobs companies are offering for October 2020.


Location: Pune

Job Role: AI Applications Product Support Engineer – WCE_EDI


Candidates for this stance have to be able to openly present ideas and communicate thoroughly not to mention professionally in both verbal and developed forms. They are going to responsible for independently manage all customer communication programmes, case management and customer interaction. Applicants also require to fit between the customer, SaaS/internal teams, engineering, DevOps, ITOps teams, instruct customers on IBM software and help best practices. They will require to understand the application requirements for the Client Desktop, and discover how to determine and find out customer configurations.

Preferred Qualifications:

•  2-5 years of working experience in a customer-facing role.

•  Knowledge of EDI values (X12, EDIFACT).

•  Proven analytical and problem-solving skills.

•  Knowledge connected with Cloud Architectures – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, Docker.

•  Understanding of various protocols like FTP, SFTP, AS2, X400, and more.

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Location: Bangalore

Job Role: Principal AI/ML Practitioner

Responsibilities :

A Necessary AI/ML Prototyping Engineer at AWS would be the Principal Subject Matter Professional (SME) for helping customers to be able to design solutions that leverage the exact company’s ML services. As section of the team, the aspirant is appropriate closely with customers throughout one and up industry verticals in order to enable large-scale use cases, layout ML pipelines, and drive this adoption of AWS for this AI/ML platforms.

Preferred Qualifications :

•  D. in Computer Scientific research, Statistics, or Mathematics.

•  5+ years of doctor experience in computer vision, develop recognition, or related areas with specialization (at least two of) voice, image, video, natural dialect processing and text analytics.

•  Understanding of reliability, risk and compliance frameworks, the particular bias in AI/ML.

•  Large-scale systems integration involving on-premises technology and public cloud hosting platforms.

•  Capacity to develop experimental and synthetic plans for data modeling methods, use of strong baselines, potential to accurately determine cause and even effect relationships.

•  Experience with AWS technologies like SageMaker, Glue, S3.

•  Experience working with GPUs to formulate models and handling terabyte+ size datasets

•  Familiarity with using data visualization instruments plus more.

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Location: Pune

Job Role: Senior Cloud AI Platform Engineer


Like an AI Platform team, an important candidate for this position can work with a group in hardworking software engineers from assorted backgrounds like gaming, deep mastering, applications, system development and hardware design distributed across the economy. He/she will be responsible with respect to deploying the latest deep discovering technologies bringing real-time AI for you to gamers, streamers, and creators, doing the job with industry leaders to set up the latest DL features to be able to the largest clouds. A Older Cloud AI Platform Engineer would also work with leading cloud experts and companies looking to deploy NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art AI features in their cloud running on NVIDIA hardware and software.

Preferred Qualifications :

•  S. or increased degree in Computer Science/Engineering or perhaps similar field.

•  5+ years of industry working experience (or equivalent) in system programs, gaming, or related field.

•  Experience with different languages like Python and Perl and even knowledge of deploying features on a container and managed with Kubernetes.

•  Experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment

•  Solid background for algorithms and data structures

•  Strong programming skills in C and C++, as well as a strong background of object-oriented design principles and design patterns

•  Have experience creating RESTful APIs and have superior familiarity with RESTful design patterns.

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UnitedHealth Group

Location: Bangalore

Profession Role: Principal Artificial Intelligence Manufacture


In this position, a candidate will research, create, design and build novel AJE solutions and train ML units to address the biggest business opportunities in healthcare. He/she will often be responsible for using data right from disparate data sources and codecs in order to support treatment features. A Principal Artificial Cleverness Engineer will provide technical vision and leadership to the power team and the Optum community together and produce high-quality solutions that are robust, reliable and international.

Preferred Certification :

•  Deborah. in Computer Science, Statistics, Math, or related quantitative discipline.

•  Academic publications around AI at top tier gatherings or journals.

•  Experience in Healthcare.

•  Demonstrable experience in establishing end-to-end AI systems.

•  Demonstrable academic or sector experience in Speech AI, All-natural Language Understanding, Image Processing, Dark Learning, Classical AI (search and additionally planning), Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian Data, Causal Inference, and Ethical AJE.

•  Prior experience of Cloud AI APIs (GCP, Pink, AWS).

•  Expertise building and running ML algorithms in constrained environments, and additional.

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Cisco Systems

Location: Bangalore

Job Role: Software Engineer


CSG N/W Infra PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY Group designs and develops high-end system software for various Cisco Platforms which includes Enterprise Switching & Routers, Datacenter Switches, Service plan Provider Routing Platforms. Applicants needed for this role must strong T, OS and Network protocols experience, familiarity with Linux Kernel internals, and OS fundamentals, good in protocols like IPv4, v6, TCP, UDP, and knowledge in Python, or any scripting tool.

Preferred Qualifications :

•  BE/B. Tech level by using a minimum of 4 years of development in the networking industry experience.

•  Experience with simulation tools.

•  Exposure SDN, Netconf/ Yang, REST APIs

•  One or more Files Analytics tools like ELK and also Data Representation tools.

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Location: Bangalore

Job Role: Elderly Software Engineer


A Senior Software Engineer at Infoblox is going to be responsible for collaborating together with the UX and UI clubs to develop new user-facing features for Infoblox’s Cloud UI. Your candidate will design and implement reusable components for the utility framework. He/she will require for you to contribute to the UI test out suite by developing unit testing with all new functionality and get key aspects of product explanation, execution, and test through this Agile/Scrum development methodology. The candidate will also provide technical command and mentoring for junior UI engineers.

Favorite Qualifications :

•  7+ years of experience for the development of amazing UIs.

•  Practical experience programming with standard web systems such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Any experience with TypeScript is a bonus.

•  Hands-on experience with current JavaScript framework technologies with a robust preference for Angular 5+ in addition to component-driven development.

•  Mastery of web application design and style using MVC design pattern plus experience in CSS technologies.

•  Hands-on experience through using REST Web Services and even deep understanding of code versioning tools such as Git and even Docker containerization.

•  Bachelor’s and Master’s degree during CS, CE or EE.

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Position: Pune

Job Position: Customer Support Analyst, AI Answers


The Customer Help Analyst, AI Solutions will always be expected to work on maintaining and preparing raw customer sociallizing history data to guide offer development. The candidate will likewise need to train Conversational AJAI solutions, draft conversation designs when required, and set up dataflows to augment Chatbot training/Search. He/she will be required to perform on the bot-builder tool to help optimize intent sets, maintain aim taxonomy, and develop tools together with scripts needed to optimize Conversational AI processes. A candidate due to this role also will be alert for identifying trends/patterns in purchaser interaction histories and user problem data that present opportunities intended for improvements to operating efficiencies, purchaser experience, and processes and more.

Preferred Certificates :

•  Comprehending of text representation techniques, methods, statistics

•  Device Translation & Compilers experience

•  Knowledge of equipment learning frameworks and libraries, big data frameworks such as Spark, Hadoop, Text classification & clustering skills and programming skills Python, Java and/or R.

•  Understanding of AI disciplines these kinds of as ML and NLP.

•  Experience designing, getting and deploying training data exercises.

•  Ability to be able to be proactive, innovative and inspiring in meeting customer and business enterprise needs, and more.

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