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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while worldwide of SciFi. However, we are seeing it more and more in the world of business. Shown as a negative from the Terminator franchise , it does experienced some very positive connotations.

As we keep adding more and more features to AI technology, its benefits become more visible and spreadable. Customer care is one of the areas that can rely heavily on AI if set up correctly. As customer service feeds into the entire organization, the benefits of AI can quickly be realized by the entire organization.

With businesses moving online to an ever greater degree, customer service plays an even larger role. Currently, due to the impact of COVID-19 around the world, companies are looking for tools that can help them . This could be caused by being forced to furlough staff, but in addition an even greater call for online infrastructure. Systems not to mention companies that previously required manually operated intervention, need AI to be able to in advance.

The following benefits are some of the most important for AI in customer service. However, limiting them to just a few of them would not reflect the huge effect that AI is having in this area. Additionally , every day, we can see how new ways to implement it emerge.

1. Handling Large Volumes of Data

As the interaction with customers grows, so does the generation of data about them. But obtaining such billions of15506 data would be useless without AI. Humans can’t process endless levels of data. Due to that, AI will be an invaluable tool.

By processing data with AI, you possibly can obtain powerful insights and predictions about customers’ behaviors. This allows creating targeted marketing campaigns and solving the foremost complicated issues about their inquiries and complaints. It is important to have a powerful and robust CRM in your corner for the data that you are gathering as Excel sheets will simply not cut it.

2. Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)

This is essentially the most remarkable benefits of AI in support service. Such importance comes from the customers themselves who used to complain about the time one of several to wait to obtain service and support.

Nowadays, chatbots answer basic inquiries and requests immediately. Customers also get reminders and notifications in advance. They can receive their products in 24 hours or less and can track them easily through delivery systems and programs. Some services and intangibles products are delivered online, and clients can enjoy them almost immediately too.

3. Customize Products Offerings to Drive Up Sales

Customization is the new frontier of customer service. As clients already know they can get it, they demand it more and more.

What looks even more promising is the fact that customization can reach many levels of service. For instance, it may start with personalized emails that consider preferences, tastes, geo-localization, previous purchases, and more. Then, chatbots and customer support agents can use it to improve the interaction with them.

4. Effective Omnichannel Presence

The presence of multiple channels that allow interacting with customers in lots of ways brought many positive changes. Firstly, customers seem to be always reachable in a single way or another. Secondly, most of those channels are friendly networks that provide customers to keep in touch with many sources.

But multiple channels also brought new challenges as they represent a lot of data and channels to cover. In this sense, AI became the ideal way to handle them all. Firstly, AI can rapidly collect and process data from multiple sources.

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Secondly, AI allows centralizing files about each client and their interactions through different channels. With this information, it is easy to provide superb customer service that takes into consideration all the communications from the customer.

By having a single CRM at the backend that can gather the entire information needed, all of your agents should have access. In addition to this, CRMs like Hubspot provide powerful reporting and dashboards. This lets you better manage your customers and their expectations regardless of the channel.

5. Positive and Seamless Experience with a Company

As companies implement AI tools through their operations, clients have the opportunity to improve their interaction. This is to say that when every touchpoint includes an AI, the entire process becomes easier to handle.

For instance, one customer can receive personalized emails with recommendations that pinpoint his unique preferences. Then, the debtor tracks its reception by using AI platforms that allow him to verify when he will receive the products.

Proceeding that, the customer can provide feedback and reach customer support through chatbots. In the end, the client obtains all the services he wanted to buy, receive, and use the services and products in a very positive and seamless way.

Leading companies like Amazon cover the entire process in this way . And every day, a lot more businesses implement more steps to cover the same processes.

6. Optimize Resources

When businesses use AI in client care areas, their resources automatically reach an optimal balance. Such optimization comes in many ways. For instance, if a company installs chatbots, a customer support agent can be more efficient in handling complicated inquiries, requests, and complaints.

Another example comes from the outcome that some retailers collect to satisfy their stores. They can select what they predict and base their decisions on the data they collect from customers.

In the customer service sector, there has long been an anxiety about AI and ML removing jobs. While this is true to some degree, it must be realized that in reality, it’s not about job removal but rather job creation . AI at the current time is not intelligent enough to be left fully unbridled. It will require human intervention. What is much more likely to happen is that AI will replace simple, menial tasks and jobs, letting human operators focus on more complex tasks.

7. 24/7 Availability

Offering 24/7 availability is especially essential global companies as they have customers from all over the world in different time zones. Moreover, customers have new patterns of behavior because they use different schedules to sleep and work. Consequently, they need different ways to communicate and interact with customer service areas.

AI is the solution because this technology may be connected and interacting 24/7 over the entire year. By allowing AI to respond first either through chatbots or self-directed knowledgebase queries, customers continue to receive service , while staff are offline.


AI is coming. It’s somewhat inevitable. As the impact will be felt in many industries and businesses, from a customer perspective it is almost entirely positive. This technology is included in almost anything we handle now. And customer service is probably the most benefitted. After all, the goal of its development and evolution was to improve people’s life.

Whenever we had to choose the most remarkable benefit we would definitively go for the collection and handle of data. This is definitively make substantial change in the way we do the job. Every other AI development relies in a single way or another on the use of the data.

The benefits that we mention here are among the most visible. Certainly, furthermore they affect many other areas too because success in customer service implies benefits for the entire business.

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