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NovoBiome, which counts French public research bodies, The National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRAE) and the Bioaster as partners, now look to press ahead with its first LBP drug candidate that targets Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Non-Alcoholic Steato-Hepatitis (NASH).

“The microbiome is a fast growing and disruptive field of research that has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of liver diseases,”​ says Pierre-Yves Mousset, NovoBiome’s Chief Executive Officer.

“NovoBiome has been founded to exploit the broad potential of LBPs that target the critical microbiome-gut-liver axis.

“The role of gut bacteria in the large and growing NAFLD and NASH markets has been clearly documented and NovoBiome aims to provide the first ecosystem treatment approach.”

‘Third metabolic wave’

Novobiome now joins a host of organisations looking to advance current research into the two liver-related conditions, that according to NovoBiome will form the ‘third wave’ in metabolic diseases, after obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Global data has attributed the growing epidemic of metabolic disorders to the development of Western lifestyles.

Owing to this, the NASH market is expected to reach €15.2bn ($18.3bn) by 2026 in the US and Europe’s five largest markets, a CAGR of 63% from 2016.

Galmed Pharmaceuticals and MyBiotics Pharma recently joined forces in a R&D collaboration looking into how the microbiome responds to a compound used to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).


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