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DENVER, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Intellect Data, Inc. is proud to release Intellect² INSIGHT, a SaaS platform that enables data teams of all skill levels to implement powerful solutions to derive deep, intuitive, and meaningful insights from vast data sources. INSIGHT empowers organizations to seamlessly build and visualize data science models within the same platform. With its advanced data analytics, machine learning, and AI componentry at their fingertips, users can rapidly deploy robust visualizations, reports, and dashboards essential to making informed predictions and decisions. The system allows users to test leading machine learning algorithms and perform side-by-side comparisons to determine optimal results for model selection and visualization, resulting in smarter, faster, and simpler solutions driven by Intellect² ™.

INSIGHT reduces the workload of applying advanced data science models to real-world problems to simple keystrokes. The solution provides a modern data analytics platform with capabilities to connect to data sources, query, import, cleanse, transform, analyze, model, and visualize data. Classification and regression modeling is supported with advanced algorithms providing the system’s real-time business intelligence within a collaborative, comprehensive, and customizable environment. For the more technical user, access the integrated notebook-style environment to extend the analysis using Python or R.

Maximize data value while minimizing the heavy lifting often associated with data projects with Intellect INSIGHT’s intuitive visual representations. 

Rapidly accelerate data science productivity Quickly identify information and relationships from data buried in file systems, databases, data warehouses, data lakes, or data streamsLeverage leading ML models and algorithms for predictive and descriptive modeling Empower non-experts 

“We are pleased to make INSIGHT available to the business community to simplify the application of data science and AI to real-world problems for better-informed predictions and decision-making,” said Todd Smith, CEO. “We believe that there is a strategic value represented here to organizations, a competitive edge.”

To learn more about empowering your organization with advanced analytics and obtain a no-obligation free trial, visit:  https://intellectdata.com/intellect-insight/

About Intellect Data

Intellect Data is a software solutions company incorporating data science and artificial intelligence into modern digital products with Intellect² ™. Intellect Data develops and implements software, software components, and software as a service (SaaS) for enterprise, desktop, web, mobile, Cloud, IoT, wearables, and AR/VR environments. Locate us on the web at  www.intellectdata.com.

Media Relations:

Intellect Data USA: +1 303-997-0302 | +1 855-603-3178 intellect2@intellectdata.com

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