mindtalks artificial intelligence: Insights from our first Verizon Virtual Internship Class of 2020. – Verizon Communications – picked by mindtalks

This summer, 450+ students from Verizon and Verizon Media Group made Verizon history as our first class of virtual interns

In our unprecedented times, these bright minds used their creativity, enthusiasm, and smarts to work on high-impact projects that delivered exceptional results — and they did all this in our new work from home normal.

How did everything come together, you may ask? We made the experience highly enriching and fulfilling by using teleconferencing tools to make the virtual internship fun, engaging and collaborative.

Our 2020 class of virtual interns worked on exciting projects across the business, ranging from product development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to engineering, user experience and data analytics. 

Plus, our interns got to learn all about Verizon through ‘Virtual Fireside Chats’ with our senior leaders who gave them an inside look into their teams.

Throughout the program, we kept an eye out for those who went above and beyond their roles and responsibilities, aiming to bring back returning interns and those we’d consider as full-time campus hires who we believe would strengthen our V Team. 


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