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Hinduja Global Methods (HGS) , a global thought leader in company process management (BPM) and  customer experience   solutions, announced the launch associated with HGS PULSE, a new call center  analytics  program that provides business performance in addition to customer insights using near-real-time data. With access to predictive stats and real-time information, contact heart leaders can act proactively by means of predicting customer churn and customer loyalty, as well as better organize their workforce by tracking consumer demand.

“HGS PULSE brings together tonteria data sources into one sole, accurate view of operations plus customer insights, ”  said  Venkatesh Korla , CEO about HGS Digital. “This results within a 40 percent increased consumer reporting efficiency. Reports that once took weeks to compile really are now generated digitally, in real-time with no manual intervention, releasing teams to spend more period analyzing and culling insights. ”

Your platform uses predictive analytics plus decodes the voice for the shopper using artificial intelligence to find why customers are reaching a fabulous brand, and predict which prospects need additional support, resources, or even escalated issue resolution. For illustration, if your financial services company demands to know how many buyers are impacted by COVID-19 and also need proactive help, they could easily do so with HGS PULSE.

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Significant HGS PULSE benefits include:

  • Improved visibility into business metrics –  HGS PULSE works with data from multiple platforms to be able to create a holistic view; this enables root-cause analysis with drill-down features that offer better insights in to what customers are saying. This self-service, near real-time updates permit companies to adapt faster for you to market behavior and deliver the better customer experience.
  • Reduced operational cost –  By eliminating manual report generation – and tens of a lot of spreadsheets – HGS BEAT saves tremendous time and sources by integrating data from multiple sources housing customer interaction facts. The platform improves efficiency just by enabling companies to make decisions by employing cross-system data without needing multiple specialized software packages. HGS PULSE also features workforce administration capabilities, enabling contact center professionals to better allocate recruiting for you to address customer demand.
  • Better partner relationships –  HGS PULSE focuses in decision-making strategy, rather than document creation. There may be easy access of account data within a portal system, facilitating greater transparency and far better client-vendor and cross-departmental communications. HGS brings decades of experience during helping organizations provide superior consumer experience, and the HGS HEARTBEAT platform adds a data-driven membrane to produce more actionable insights in addition to deliver more value.

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“HGS PULSE provides clients with a good comprehensive view with their customer and additionally their contact center operations. The particular insights generated from HGS HEART BEAT will help to improve the exact customer satisfaction and decrease the functional cost, ”  said  Yasim Kolathayil , Vp of Details and Analytics, HGS Digital.   “We have more than three hundred common omni-channel KPIs integrated to HGS PULSE and the software is used by 25 consumers in  Canada and america . Often the platform has automated much more than five hundred manual reports and has stored more than 200, 000 manually operated hours for HGS. ”

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