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Egyptian Startup AIM Technologies is undoubtedly Reshaping Marketing with Artificial Intellect

With businesses around typically the world being required to adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviour as a new result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Egyptian startup MEAN Technologies has managed to capitalise on the renewed relevance of on the web digital tools.

“COVID-19 created some doubt at the beginning where major corporates were clueless concerning the prospective of their businesses and hence their budgets, hence hesitant to help invest in new tools. This kind of was the spontaneous result of a large number of corporates and brands with a worldwide level, which made closing packages slower for the first couple of months, ” said John Saad, CEO of AIM Technologies, to be able to Egyptian Streets when asked regarding what COVID-19 has meant to have the 19-month-old startup.

“However things flipped around soon when everyone realized the importance of alternating to the online world. Most people can safely say that COVID-19 has had a good influence on our business because most manufacturers took serious steps to digitalize their plans and move to a stronger online presence in addition to so did the customers”.

Founded in 2019, AIM Technologies is a startup fully operating in Egypt which helps companies to better understand their buyers using artificial intelligence.

“Our primary product is  ARE DIRECTED Insights: a state-of-the-art social media listening, multi-lingual, real-time text stats platform. AIM Insights allows this clients to monitor, track and analyse the different engagement reactions and conversations on social networking about the brand, competitors, unit, public figures plus more, ” pronounced Mohamed Moaz, Founder and COO of AIM Technologies.

“The platform also looks over and above the numbers since it analyses typically the sentiment, intent and reasons powering the feedback. This helps companies understand how people genuinely actually feel about them versus competition”.

The success of the startup through less than two years can be apparent in the line-up about its clients, which range by Vodafone, Mindshare, OMD, JWT and Nielsen to the Talaat Mostafa Group, Pepsi, Shell, McDonald’s and many more.

While these are really all big names in your business industry, Saad told Silk Streets that AIM Technologies delivers solutions for all companies.

“When we started, many of us offered business solutions and observations to the big corporations. In that case running we wanted to accomplish a wider segment of potential customers and offer our services to all or any companies regardless of their measurement as well as have tools that would as well help and support SMEs, influencers and celebrities, ” explained Saad.

“We are not really confined to serve the portion, our goal is to already have solutions for any company out there in the marketplace to take organizing decisions and clear their walkways based on actual customers’ opinion in the most time and even cost efficient manner. ”

AIM Technologies’ chance to cater to different needs and markets is as a good result of its founders’ past experiences said Saad.

“The founders have more when compared with 15 years of experience each individual in leadership roles across Egypt, MENA, and Europe in the fields of artificial intelligence, engineering, marketing, research and digital. Coming from different backgrounds, all pioneers have a vision to begin the AI business in typically the region and redefine the information and knowledge mining industry across the region, ” said Saad.

“The founders started because they shared the same exact passion of intending to develop tools to cover the difference of the understanding the Persia language in previously available equipment globally. We all wanted to provide rich insights that will be both fast and accurate to be able to revolutionize the data gathering and provide deeper analysis in the whole region through AIM insights and also AIM research tools. We really want to convey the customers’ approach to brands converting it in order to quantitative numbers and actionable information that support companies, ” extra Saad when asked why often the founders, who include former Entrepreneurs, academic experts and technology supporters got together to found PURPOSE Technologies.

Earlier this feel has been important in AIM Technologies’ growth since its roll-out, and it is ability to offer treatments to businesses planning to revamp their particular presence as a result involving COVID-19.

“In like a limited time we managed to unveiling our tools and work on enhancing it every day. Given the exact nature of the products together with the increasing demand on all of our online tools, the pace of aggravation, adoption and progress has also been unprecedented, ” said Saad in order to Egyptian Streets.

“The journey so far feels a great deal more just like a rollercoaster ride since most people are defining our own method and working with an incredibly easily pace. Our north star while we started is to build actionable insights from the amount of data on social music, which makes our job more challenging yet thrilling. We have consequently much passion for what we perform so and we are actively playing the ride so far. ”

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