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Cutting-Edge Technologies

Analytics Insight explores how cutting-edge technologies reshape data-driven organizations

Recently, data has become of the essential assets in an organization to drive revenue and growth in this competitive market. The profit of an organization depends on how well the data management is with enormous volumes of complex datasets available from different sources. Data management allows enterprises to transform structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data into meaningful in-depth insights while understanding the recent consumer behavior, pattern, tastes and preferences in the current market scenario. It is possible only when an organization starts to leverage the major cutting-edge technologies like AI and Big Data.

These data-driven organizations are focused on collecting sufficient real-time data related to the objectives and goals of the business to utilize it at the right time at the right target audience. The data-driven organizations grow exponentially through data-centric approaches around the exploitation of data. Meanwhile, there are some barriers to data-driven organizations such as risks of privacy leaks, keeping data siloed, lack of efficient data management, data skills, inaccessible data, and struggles to find the right cutting-edge technology.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a data explosion and a massive acceleration in digitization across the world. Big Data, business intelligence, and data analytics have boosted the wide adoption of data-driven strategies to improve customer engagement. These cutting-edge technologies have started helping organizations to enhance performance, focus on weaknesses as well as use in-depth insights for faster decision-making processes.

Updated data analytics tools are available for seamless data correlation through interactive reports and live analysis to gain useful insights, especially in unprecedented times. New data-powered business models are harnessing Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision to adapt to the ‘new normal. These cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the data-driven organizations through predictive analytics, data stream ingestion as well as recommendations for necessary changes required.

Augmented analytics is also creating an efficient data-driven culture in organizations in Industry 4.0. It helps in data preparation, outcome production along with an explanation to augment the data analysis process in multiple business intelligence platforms. It is known as the process where real-time data is automatically collected and analyzed the data in a certain way for making human employees understand the feedback to improve the business growth. Some of the approaches include Auto ML, AI-powered data management, automated data governance, and engineering, and many more. Augmented analytics helps to provide freedom to human employees from the rigorous and tedious data management tasks and lets them focus on some other important work that is due in a data-driven organization.

There are certain essential steps to be followed for cutting-edge technologies to reshape the data-driven organizations in Industry 4.0:

Adopting Data-centric Culture: It is essential for data-driven organizations to adopt a data-centric culture where there should be a clear understanding that data analytics is an integral part of business strategies. All the employees should comprehend and detect the appropriate business agenda before implementing data analytics in the AI and machine learning models.

Recruiting a Professional Data Scientist: Data-driven organizations must understand the importance of Data Science and its effect on data management, data governance, etc. Thus, it is essential to recruit a professional data scientist to look after the data-driven culture efficiently and effectively with data visualization tools and programming languages by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI as well as Big Data.

Implementing AI/ML models:  Leveraging AI and machine learning models can seamlessly transform multiple sets of complex data from different sources into promising business insights and operations with the help of predictive analytics and data analytics tools

That being said, it is amazing to study how cutting-edge technologies are utilized to reshape data-driven organizations in 2021 and the nearby future. Data is the major key to drive higher revenue in this cut-throat global competitive market. The more appropriate the data management, the more potential to gain success and meet customer satisfaction.

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