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Coming of Age

Coming of Age

Innovation and automation are being built on strong data foundation

There have been on-going discussions the past several
years about how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
(AI) can be used to modernize physical security systems
and operations. The truth of the matter is that
digital transformation has already been taking place
for quite some time, albeit in small steps with what is now a very
fast-paced technology evolution.

What were once high-level theoretical discussions on mining
data from both traditional physical security operations and
scores of new and emerging IoT devices have now become a reality.
This next generation of innovation and automation is being
built on strong data foundations and data intelligence. And it is
changing perceptions on how physical security systems need to
be designed, implemented, and managed in this new era of datadriven
physical security solutions.

Perhaps the most significant take-away from the genesis of data-
driven physical security is the change in mindset from reactive
to proactive systems technologies – the ability to autonomously
process data in real-time to reduce friction in business process
execution by eliminating human intervention, and to deliver actionable
insights and even predictive analysis.

This has the potential to dramatically increase the overall effectiveness
and efficiency of physical and cyber security operations,
mitigating risk across the enterprise. As a result, physical
security technologies and operations will continue to leverage
real-time business intelligence across the enterprise to facilitate
real-time decision making.


One of the biggest challenges faced by security professionals today
is the ability to harness and analyze the tremendous volume
of data being generated by physical security operations containing
spatial, sensor and transactional data and network of devices
to derive meaningful actionable intelligence. With the bulk of
such data being unstructured data, new data-driven solutions are
required to contextualize this disparate and fragmented information
in a seamless way.

This article originally appeared in the September / October 2021 issue of Security Today.


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