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January 1, 2022


CloudMinds concentrates on realizing a safe cloud computing network for intelligent robots

CloudMinds is the world’s first cloud intelligent robot operator and has been committed to the implementation of artificial intelligence technology using robots and all types of smart devices. Utilizing the leading cloud intelligent robot solution, CloudMinds built a smart cloud platform based on HARIX architecture for the customer and will offer a variety of services including smart building, smart security, smart property management, and more. CloudMinds’ full range of intelligent robots is also deployed in many scenarios such as hospitality, reception, security, patrol, smart doorman, etc. It is CloudMinds’ vision that, by the year 2025, helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household. CloudMinds will drive this vision by facilitating ultra-secure connectivity between much artificial intelligence (AI) engines in the cloud and many future robots.

CloudMinds gives the cloud cerebrum to the savvy local area – Smart Cloud Platform. Through the capacities of big data analysis and artificial intelligence, the Smart Cloud Platform keenly perceives the exercises of local area occupants, cleverly designates public assets, and shrewdly oversees networks, which incredibly diminish the working expenses of the local area.

CloudMinds is a platform organization meaning to turn into the main cloud robot operator, giving the minds and network to empower intelligent cloud-based robots. CloudMinds is creating organizations with AI organizations who will give calculations in the cloud and mechanical technology makers who will make the body parts, the symbols. We will keep up with the robots’ sensory systems. CloudMinds job will resemble the capacity of an exchanging framework for robots, it will be adaptable for some robots and can be used by a robot.

In view of CloudMinds’ cloud clever arrangement, the gathering robot use face acknowledgment, store voice, and different advances in the private property community to distinguish visiting visitors, with strong man-made reasoning handling abilities, to address the client’s expanded inquiries and guide the visitor to the objective depends on the continuous climate. The watch robot can fill roles, for example, picture acknowledgment investigation, face and tag acknowledgment, ecological observing, watch checking, local area administration, and so forth, to accomplish 24-hour continuous obligation, further expanding the security level of the local area.

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