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Big Data on Instagram

Get all the big data updates on Instagram from these influencers.

Big data and data science is everywhere, even on one of the most used social media applications, Instagram. If you’re well-versed with this field, you would know about the dynamic nature of this technology, which requires professionals to be updated with the latest trends and developments. And if you’re new to this field, it’s advisable you soak up as much knowledge as you can to ace the required skills.

We’re all used to the endless scrolling on social media, so why not put that to good use? Here are the best 10 Instagram accounts that will update you with the latest advancements in the field of big data and analytics.

1. Data Science Central.ai – @datasciencecentral

followers 32.7K

Who would have thought big data and tech knowledge can make one laugh? This page posts updates in an entertaining way that’ll make you bookmark its posts happily so you can memorize the important updates.

2. Data Science Journal – @datascience.journal

followers – 10.6K

With an aim to grow the data community, the data science journal also posts field-related memes along with statistics, theories, and trivia. This page lets its followers feature as well, so you can flaunt your data skills too.

3. Siraj Raval – @sirajraval

followers 20K

Set to educate people about math, data, and code, Siraj Raval is an expert who posts educational videos on YouTube too. With real-world experience, his posts talk about the important developments in the field along with crucial other requirements.

4. Ronald Van Loon – @ronald_vanloon

followers: 10.5K

One of the top 10 influencers of the field, Ronald helps data-driven companies to get good revenue. He uploads broadcasts with other influences from the field that will give you all the real-world insights you need to become a top professional in the field.

5. Big Data Queen – @bigdataqueen

With 29.7K followers, this page is run by Perry who is a Ph.D. in EE, an expert in AI, Tech, and STEM, and a machine learning scientist at Amazon Alexa. Follow her to get the latest updates about programming languages, and big data tools.

6. Data Science Info – @datascienceinfo

followers: 175K

If you’re looking for research papers on machine learning and deep learning, this is the page for that. You’ll also get information about important books, concept explanations for beginners, and interesting trivia about the field.

7. Data science learn – @data_science_learn

Followers: 10.6K

This page is the hub for data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. With tutorials on python masterclass and updates about various algorithms and concepts, the posts on this page can be understood by beginners too. Follower count – 89.3K and growing.

8. Azurewill – @azurewill

Followers: 20.7K

This page is the hard work of Dennis, a professional data engineer, and a data scientist. He aims to make all his follower’s programming masters with updates about using python for data science. With information ranging from web scraping and programming paradigms neatly put in infographics, you can expand your knowledge about the subject.

9. Big data guru – @bigdataguru

Followers: 11.6K

Run by Brad, a machine learning and data scientist at Microsoft USA, you will get updates about all things data science, from data science tools to data science books on your feed. This page has 11.6K followers and puts occasional quizzes on Instagram stories so you can test your skills.

10. Python world – @_pythonworld_

followers 44.6K

This page is named Python web Data science Django because you will get the latest machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science updates related to Django, the python integrated web framework.

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