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Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology that enhances reality with enhanced digital components. A common use case of AR technology filters on social media platforms that gave the motion to animate objects. This technology has many industrial applications that include training and education, entertainment, gaming, and navigation. More innovation in this field is enabling companies like Apple and Microsoft to make augmented reality-powered glasses like Apple’s AR glasses and Microsoft’s Hololens. Many brands are also optimizing sales on their websites with AR technology as it improves the overall customer experience.

With EdTech startups booming in the COVID-19-years, AR’s new developments have impacted the education industry as well. For the future, these are the innovative AR trends:

  • AR in the Retail Industry: Providing customers with a virtual shopping option is becoming an increasingly popular trend for online shopping.
  • AR for Navigation: AR gives more control in an indoor environment. Bluetooth beacons, ceiling antennas, and QR codes are leveraging this application of AR technology.
  • AR in the automotive Industry: A significant development of augmented reality technology in vehicles is the heads-up displays. This feature gives the driver more information about the road conditions, making the driving experience safer and smoother.
  • AR-Powered Events: COVID-19 introduced virtual events to the world, but the future calls for AR-powered events through dedicated apps. AR events will allow people to interact digitally without quarantine restrictions.
  • AR in the Sports Industry: AR can create holograms of sports players that fans can interact with from their own homes. These AR experiences can be accessed through smartphones, without any bulky equipment and devices.

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