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Utilizing artificial intelligence to aid in the detection of intracranial large vessel occlusion strokes could potentially save the healthcare system millions, according to a new analysis.

Dutch imaging experts performed a health technology assessment—a method of assessing new innovations at early stages—for their analysis. They used assumptions including a 6% rate of missed diagnoses of LVO strokes, $40 per AI analysis, and a 50% reduction in missed cases via the technology.

Applying their assumptions across a cohort of nearly 72,000 patients, gleaned from United Kingdom stroke registry data, produced yearly cost savings of $11 million (USD), experts wrote in Insights into Imaging.

“The most important next step is to validate the outcomes of the early health technology assessment in clinical practice,” Kicky van Leeuwen, with the Department of Medical Imaging at Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands, and colleagues wrote Sept. 25. “With increasing number of AI tools implemented in the clinic, it is important to assess the impact of AI tools on our healthcare system. Real-life outcome measures should be used to gain insights into how to apply AI tools in a sensible and safe way. This is a prerequisite to prove the claim that AI is making healthcare better and more affordable.”


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