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It may not be the first app that springs to mind for your seasonal promotions, but with 52 million daily active users, and a suite of evolving ad options to reach them, Reddit may be worth another look within your process, and could end up being a valuable research and outreach option for many brands.

If you can get it right. Reddit’s community has long been resistant to ads, and you do need to have a good feel for the app, and what people engage with on the platform, in order to build resonant, responsive campaigns. But for certain audiences, it may well be worth considering.

Underlining this, Reddit recently published a new collection of insights around Father’s Day, and how Reddit activity ramps up leading into the event.

It still might not be your primary focus platform, but the numbers here show that it could have potential – or at the least, it’s likely worth spending some time within the relevant subreddits related to your business niche, in order to get a better understanding of its potential.

Check out the full infographic below.

Reddit Father's Day engagement stats

Source: socialmediatoday.com


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