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Rubicon Venture has released its Programmatic Ad Buying in Asia  report which suggests programmatic budget inside Asia Pacific continue ribust rapidly COVID-19 disruption.

The report found that three-quarters of respondents reported superior or medium levels of appropriation, and 88% indicated they hope programmatic budgets to the exact same or increase despite the impinges on of coronavirus (COVID-19) on overall advertising budgets.

Among the many other key findings;

  • Data, measurement, and optimisation are the three most crucial considerations of programmatic media investing in. Pricing and budgets are reduced influential in driving decisions.
  • When evaluating programmatic efficiency, ease of optimization, relevant approaching, and audience reach will be the two to three most valuable key performance impulses (KPIs).
  • Mobile show formats still reign supreme for Asia, but over-the-top (OTT) systems and solutions are moving to the forefront and will receive often the most significant budget increase inside of 2020

OTT Growth

Media buyers are championing OTT as the major growth format for 2020, says the report’s authors. Nealry half (47 just about every cent) of respondents ranking OTT in the top three formats that will feel the most programmatic advertising budget growth over the next 16 months, and 17 % of respondents placing it inside variety one spot.

The authors also attribute to the exact COVID-19 disruption accelerating this advancement across the region, with press buyers shifting programmatic advertising finances to take advantage of the surge in demand by customers for content on-demand.

The research, which was conducted by way of Campaign Asia for Rubicon Challenge, surveyed 185 marketers across seven countries in Asia in 12 2019 and again in Spring 2020. It found that even though clients across the region recognise often the immense opportunity that programmatic has to digital advertisers, Asia is more hesitant to move investissements towards programmatic in comparison to be able to other regions throughout the world.

Singapore, Hong Kong, and The land of india self-identified as mature programmatic options market, while Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia identified as ‘medium’ adoption trading markets. The Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam all identified as ‘low’ appropriation markets, noting that they assume to increase programmatic spend that year.   The three levels of adoption reflect  the extent to which programmatic buying is utilised, this sophistication of buying strategies, and even the level of programmatic knowledge between media buyers

Consumers are taking a much more active role in driving advertising spend towards programmatic say the authors. As clients’ awareness and understanding develops, advertisers buyers are reporting having considerably more freedom to allocate a greater portion of digital ad money to programmatic.

Your data buyers also indicated that these people believe the single biggest obstacle hindering further growth of programmatic advertising budgets in Asia is without question a lack of understanding as well as a lack of appropriate knowledge to effectively plan and grant programmatic ad campaigns, particularly outside the house of the walled gardens.

Yogesh Sehgal, Country Broker, Asia Pacific for Rubicon Task commented, “With the industry in your constant state of change, in that respect there is a critical need to have continuous buy-side education and help. These insights will assist continue to up skill buyers and give viable alternatives (to walled gardens) in order to not only deliver their marketing and advertising goals and maximise efficiencies, but in addition provide a brand safe natural environment across all formats. ”

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