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The hottest installment of R& G Information Lab’s podcast series,   Society & Compliance Chronicles, explores your benefits of using analytics and also technology in the compliance in addition to risk management space. Zach Coseglia, managing principal and head regarding innovation of R& G Observations Lab, talks with two guests from compliance software company Lextegrity, founder and CEO Parth Chanda, and head of product Kara Bonitatibus. In the first for a two-part conversation, Parth and also Kara talk about the advantages of the more analytically-powered approach to conformity and risk management; and particularly, how they have drawn when their past experiences as under one building compliance lawyers to create solutions that will help companies find a better cope with on their risk in near or real time. The about three also discuss how technology, analytics and an user interface that prioritizes the exact employee’s experience can promote much better business decision-making, improved compliance, plus drive a more sophisticated study of programmatic effectiveness.    

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