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HENDERSON, Nev. – Market groundwork partner S2 Research today in print a different insights report that exposes several important data-points about often the advertising, marketing and public relations business.

S2 Research Survey of Marketers Report
S2 Research releases new marketing-industry insights in ‘Survey of Marketers’ research report.

The report, ‘Survey of Online marketers: A Deep-Dive Into Marketers’ Heads on Marketing Tactics and Modern day Market Research, ’ is founded on some sort of month-long national survey of individuals functioning in the marketing industry. Inside, professionals shared information about exactly how they value various marketing strategies, as well as the way they check out their own professional marketing skillsets.

A few of the most pressing insights from this report include:

·              Marketers overall value “Copywriting and Design, ” “Digital Marketing and SEO, ” “Social Media Management” and “Market Research” as the utmost valuable tactical approaches for achieving marketing results.

·              The overwhelming principal marketers give some thought to “Market Research” to always be beneficial to help the marketing process, but bring themselves generally under-skilled for most current market research tactics.

·              Advertising and marketing agencies, private marketing consultants in addition to in-house marketing teams disagree on your actual value of some of often the most common marketing and market groundwork tactics. The different marketing program types also have very numerous skill levels in each of these tactics.

“This project sheds important light on how the varying organization types in the area of marketing all contribute for you to the important point. For agencies in addition to marketing teams especially, this is definitely going to prove valuable as the world navigates this definitely bizarre marketing-paradigm-shift we’re calling 2020, ” said S2 Research’s Matt Seltzer, the report’s author.

The whole market research report is offered to download for free within the S2 Research website. S2 Research is continuing to gather data via the survey, with future article updates anticipated. A link to help the survey can be spotted in the report for folks interested in participating.


Matthew Seltzer is undoubtedly a market research consultant which partners with marketing teams and even agencies to provide clients with strategic market research services. He’s some sort of experienced marketing strategist who’s fluent in research – or what if it’s the other way all over. He speaks data, and the guy crafts messaging. He does sophisticated analyses, and he delivers innovative actions. And he’s ideal offer those strengths to advertising lawyers, marketing teams, public relations providers and more.

Founded in 2019, your S2 Research brand was designed by Seltzer so he might possibly better focus his consulting perform toward professional marketers, providing necessary market research methodologies to their overall marketing processes. For more information, visit S2Research. com or phone call 702-494-8936.



Source: nevadabusiness. com


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