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Just over a fifth involving care home workers in Scotland have been tested for coronavirus after the Scottish Government assured routine testing.

Nicola Sturgeon said “initial data” showed more than 11, 1000 residential care staff had ended up tested connected with an estimated Scottish labourforce of about 50, 000.

The figures, set to help be published later, also present 15, 000 of the country’s 35, 000 care home owners have had a test.

Health secretary Jeane Freeman said in late May that regular testing is offered to many of care home staff.

She issued a letter for instruction to health board primary executives on Sunday to full acceleration up the policy’s implementation.

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions, Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw told Nicola Sturgeon her government needs to “get some grip” of testing for care home staff.

This individual urged the First Minister regarding Wednesday to out a “hard deadline” for health boards to be able to put testing programmes for many care home staff on hand.

Sturgeon said she’d want to consider the proposal but stressed the fact that the number of cases in think homes is falling and typically the number of deaths is “reducing rapidly and on a continual basis”.

It employs new weekly figures from Country wide Records of Scotland that demonstrate confirmed and suspected Covid-19 fatalities in care homes fell for you to 42, down from 69 the previous week.

But for you to date, more people have was killed with the virus in consider homes than elsewhere, with 47% of deaths in residential care and handling compared to 46% in nursing homes and 7% elsewhere.

(Chart: STV Reports – Source: National Records associated with Scotland)

Carlaw said: “The fact is of which ministers need to get some grip for the situation and these need to do it these days.

“The time with promising is over, it’s extensive past time they deliver. ”

The FM explained to the Scottish Tory leader: “I would make the point, once again, that this will be constant testing that has to be done 7 days in, week out for as extended as we are continuing for you to live on this virus.

“We’re not simply doing it from posting testing kits to therapy homes, we’re carrying it out in a good way that is robust and additionally sustainable. ”

Responding to his call to “get a fabulous grip”, Sturgeon replied: “We’re at this time seeing, albeit in a position that has been incredibly hard and continues to be demanding, the variety of care homes along with an active outbreak of Covid-19 reducing.

“We’re having the number of new circumstances reducing, and as I’ve just simply reported, we’re seeing the selection of people dying in due care homes because of this trojan reducing rapidly and on an important sustained basis. ”

She said the figures clearly show the actions taken by the particular Scottish Government have had the required effect.

The Scottish Conservative leader again urged your girlfriend to put in place some sort of “clear timetable and clear deadline” for the first tests in order to be completed.

The First Minister accused Carlaw regarding “engaging in party politicking”.

She said: “What takes place week in and week out there is that I, the fitness secretary along with the entire Scottish Federal government gets on with the profession of tackling this outbreak. ”

That is, Sturgeon claimed, combined with the “collective function of people the length not to mention breadth from the country”, why event numbers, hospitalisations and deaths : including care home deaths – continue to fall. why we are seeing the number of instances decline, the number of many people in hospital decline, the range of people in ICU downfall, the number of people perishing – including in care residences – decline.

“That’s the progress that we’re producing, ” she added.

The FM said there necessities to be a “programme about work over time” put in place for you to ensure that testing of consider home staff is carried outside.

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