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PIPE Thailand held “ LINE FOR BUSINESS” live event under this topic “THAILAND TODAY AND NEXT AFTER COVID-19” to prepare Thai businesses with necessary insights on differences in consumer behaviour during together with after the pandemic. The electronic live event was streamed through LINE Official Account ‘LINE as for Business’ (@linebizth) and attended by means of more than 300, 000 viewers on April 15. The event’s main host and guests enclosed LINE Thailand’s executives and foremost marketers on Consumer analysis not to mention Digital strategic advisory which Thailänder entrepreneurs should start employing at present in order to best conform during after the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the first of all session, titled ‘Next For Thais’, Ms. Somwalee Limrachtamorn, Managing Director of this Nielsen Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., uncovered important consumer trends which would most likely be permanently changed because of the pandemic as a result of expanded social distancing and working with home. Consumers are now understanding how to achieve most things they utilised to do in their daily life via online, and these behaviours is going to very likely carry on even after the situation has been taken under control.

“E-commerce has seen significant growth, with discerning customers looking for the top quality in the product and growing to be less price-sensitive. Businesses can also compete by providing quality products and bringing in new consumer groups such seeing as the elderly who are online shopping more and more. E-commerce not to mention digital technology are trends the fact that entrepreneurs definitely don’t want for you to miss since these gets the exact new normal even after your COVID-19 period. ”

“Food delivery applications and even other apps that provide quick convenience at home which includes home exercise will become more essential during social distancing and every time people are more adapted in order to working from home. Consumers drive speed and convenience which these are accustomed to, and they prefer online shops which could deliver promptly because they avoid long-distance or perhaps overseas transport. This is a good important opportunity for Thai companies to boost domestic sales. Also, social media has now come to be mainstream media where people consume news and information. Research says that on average people make use of social media for reading the news 12 times per week. ”

“Entrepreneurs must change on the offline to the over the internet world to meet the newest average of consumer behaviour. In addition, they have to expand their service insurance plan and improve their logistics, simply because well as finding out use new social media technologies to support their own business growth, ” said Ms. Somwalee.

Rather than this overall changes in Thai shopper behaviours, Thailand’s top daily your life platform LINE has introduced lots of interesting changes. In the session ‘Now on the internet, ’ Mister. Pruthisith Prateepavanich, Head of Solution and Platform Management of CABLE Thailand, emphasised the fact that, “LINE designs its platforms to fulfil Thai people’s lives, which includes work, lifestyle and media as well as information consumption. During the COVID-19 crisis, use of LINE Call has increased 236% while LINE VDO Call use has increased 270%. Moreover, LINE Call via PERSONAL COMPUTER increased 264% in March immediately after the app introduced a new screen-sharing feature during the label to accommodate people working by home. ”

Mr. Kanop Supamanop, Chief Content material Business Officer of LINE Asia, mentioned, “Online content material has become increasingly important as the exact COVID-19 situation has escalated. LINE TODAY is now the primary portal that Thai people rely on for the latest exact news in a timely method, amid the sea of unclear information on web 2 . 0. LINE will have introduced the new ‘COVID-19’ tabs on LINE TODAY as a great all-in-one method of obtaining information for Thais during the current situation, prominent to a tripling of audience. ”


“For LINE TV, Thai buyers have now moved to significant screens as a result of working from home, accounting for 42% growth in March. The exact habits of watching LINE TV ON PC on bigger screens and reviewing combined with family are on your rise, with longer duration about time spent watching. In terminology of content, the Y-series (depicting male-male romantic relationship) has spotted five-times growth in viewership, mainly among women aged 18-34 many years who are the main target show crowd. Surprisingly, the content is increasing popularity with women aged earlier mentioned 55 years who have turned out to be the second-biggest audience group. The exact insights we learned from that are that family amount of time in prominent of TV can have a fabulous spill-over effect between different viewers groups, and that more individual groups are more open to new types of content consequent to seeing TV with other family affiliates. Since schools have closed not to mention children had to stay home, most of us are also seeing an increase around popularity of anime content which March increased 33% from everyday monthly views in January and also February. Friday is the special day for the week that has experienced the biggest viewing growth, in 56%. It means that small children now consider the weekend to remain three days long instead in two, ” said the SET Content Business’ Chief.

Mr. Kanop ended by state that, “LINE continues to be adapting prompt, even during this uncertain time of COVID-19, in order in order to understand new consumer behaviours together with maximise LINE services to totally meet the needs of Thai people. ”


Consumer insight, a vital engine for Thai businesses during COVID-19

Another extra session for business entrepreneurs titled ‘COVID-19, A CATALYST FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION’ focused on various case research of brands in Thailand the fact that have adapted very fast in response to the crisis. Mister. Teerawat Ngamvitayasiri, Retail Industry Dominate, Business Consulting of LINE Asia, noted that, “All business have been impacted, the two directly or indirectly, and those that even learned to adapt quickly in the exact time of crisis previously transplanted from offline to online for you to offer their products and sites using new platforms and technological innovation in an effort to strengthen their existing shopper base and expand it. This particular is the ‘Next New Normal’ that will continue even after this crisis. Thai brands will need to take note and begin all their transformation now, and accordingly. ”

“First, brands are required to tackle customers’ consciousness by simply delivering the right products as well as services they desire. They also will need to reimagine the brand significance by utilising online platforms to resolve consumer pain points in a particular unique way during this unexpected emergency. For example, Peugeot Thailand gives leveraged its LINE Official Consideration (OA) to enable customers to buy executive cars online and book a test drive during home without browsing showroom while in social distancing. Finally, businesses are required to realise the inevitability of cultural commerce as the new electronic channel that will fulfil their whole existing channels. Brands like OneSiam and HomePro have already put into use their LINE OAs as the online channel to sell products after the stores are actually shut down, as well as for setting up relationships by providing customer support. Just by doing these, businesses will expand sales and continue to succeed on innovative solutions. ”


Start today and additionally grow better after the uncertainness

Mister. Kritsana Ngarmsom, Director of Marketing Business of LINE Thailand, said, “The two ideas entrepreneurs should focus on will be 1) building a strong on line channel and 2) get yourself ready for your Online Merges with Offline (OMO) era. As offline channels are going to return and become important the moment again as soon as the crisis, LINE would likely support business owners, marketers and advertisers to restore their businesses either during and after COVID-19, using complete advertising and marketing answers on the LINE ecosystem in a trusted and effective manner. ”

“Business owners should start by building strong fundamentals making use of LINE Official Account (OA) and try to grow the quantity of shop followers as this specific will help them compete more suitable by having more customer details for analysis. The effective system for growing a number for followers on LINE OA is normally LINE Sticker, which has a normal cost of 1-2 baht an new follower. ”

“After having enough data, advertisers can expand their consumer base further by scale on a data driven basis. Bringing appearing in more offline and online buyers to one’s own channel by simply advertising on LINE platforms can be done in many ways such like holding a live event relating to LINE OA. Not only is normally this a key activity to stimulate consumers to shift from delete word to online but it is going to also help grow how many buy followers and help businesses get hold of more customer data. Business proprietors could perhaps utilise their data and additionally insights on LINE Ads Software (LAP) to bid for advertising and marketing space on LINE Chat, Fb timeline and LINE TODAY. Display tv ads on LINE can boost business objectives and integrate more potential clients into the main online siphon. ”

“Also, files may be used to drive huge conversion equally with massive reach and through a single channel that can certainly reach a large number connected with customers at once. Entrepreneurs has to find the channel where they can reach a lot of audience and design their classified ads to steer customers on their voyage towards conversion. Examples of like channels would be LINE Smartly Channel’s Chat list tab which will can reach up to hai thập kỷ million customers per day, plus the Story-Linked ad format about LINE TV, which can give sequential ads that build client interest and lead them straight to purchase. ”

“As more people are investing more time on their Computers as they work from residence, LINE will soon add a fresh advertising space on LINE COMPUTER SYSTEM as well as making the idea easier for SMEs to obtain advertisements via the CMS app by setting their own budget to help build their customer base instantly. Meanwhile, LINE advises businesses to help start investing in customer files and offer their products or maybe services using effective advertisements to help make the most along with other their particular budget. For products that could want to sell or communicate having mass users, advertisers should believe about tools that create the highest consequence at lower cost. ”


Source: bangkokpost. com



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