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TownNews, a provider of written content management systems and platforms relating to local media organizations in the U. S., is relying about GoodData, a provider of end-to-end analytics solutions, to help it  tap into data insights with regards to content, audience, and engagement.

TownNews deployed GoodData technologies to launch “Data Insights” for you to give TownNews’ media customers powerful new tools for gathering, knowing, and acting upon the great number of data that impacts their companies. TownNews serves more than 2, 000 newspaper, TV, radio, and additionally web-native news organizations, and delivers a few billion page views a new month and 24 million rows of data.

“Our customers have so a great deal data that ‘analysis paralysis’ could set in, ” said Brad Ward, CEO of TownNews. “With Data Insights, we pull records from a variety of multiple silos, and present it throughout a way that makes it understandable and actionable. ”

Data Insights guide to draw connections between typically the media company’s core business products—videos, articles, and other content—and this revenue that’s generated from those types products.

By understanding how each piece of content influences revenue, media organizations may make more informed decisions regarding content, advertising rates, and staffing.

“Media companies happen to be awash in data, but staying able to make sense involving it is the ultimate concern for the kids, as it is pertaining to any company, ” said Zdenek Svoboda, co-founder and vp from product, GoodData. “Our technology makes it possible for deep insight that drives recommended decision-making, and media companies might most certainly benefit. ”

According to TownNews, several early Data Insights customers have previously seen a return on investment after discovering that they will weren’t getting the optimal promotion revenue that was available to them.

For even more information, go to  www.gooddata.com   and https://townnews.com .

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