mindtalks advertising: FY 2020 Digital Video Advertising Spend Report – IAB – picked by mindtalks

2020 was a banner year for Digital Video advertising—particularly for Connected TV (CTV). Both increased viewership and the fluidity of Digital Video ad buying and optimization resulted in increased share for media companies in the streaming space.

Targetability, addressability, incremental reach, and the opportunity to leverage first party data—have made 2021 a sellers’ market. In fact, advertisers report that they expect CTV prices to go up in parallel to prices in Linear TV. Increases in programmatic activation of CTV are also expected to lift prices across the entire market.

Escalation of audience-based buying trend and the impending loss of 3rd party identifiers is expected to further elevate buyer demand for CTV.

Headwinds: The industry must quickly find measurement standards and practices (including . . .

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