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On seven September 2020, four more For making companies   joined   Japan’s Content Blockchain Labor (JCBI), bringing the member amount to eleven. The latest innovations included Dentsu, a top vacation global ad agency. Launched in February,   JCBI   was established to get through copyright laws information using a blockchain-based podium.

The girls hopes to accelerate the electronic transformation of Japan’s media and additionally content industry using blockchain. Apart from enabling the secure placing of copyrighted data, the range aims to co-create new corporations to grow the content field. JCBI consortium described the system as an autonomous and decentralized platform.

Currently, JCBI’s platform offers a couple services. Card Hunter allows prospect firms to distribute content by way of TV programs. C-Guardian protects handheld content copyright. JCBI member providers may also develop their own expertise on the platform and have them available to other people.

Pool Members and their blockchain endeavors

The consortium’s newest members are   Dentsu , Dentsu International Tips Services ( ISID ),   Avex Technologies , and startup   SingulaNet .  

The consortium’s major win certainly is the addition of Dentsu, the particular world’s fifth-largest advertising agency, which unfortunately pulled in   $9. 6 billion   in income in 2020. Before joining JCBI, in January 2020, Dentsu launched a joint research project described as “ nth distribution task ” which looked from the monetization of content. As  we reported , it explores monetizing fan-generated content to get collectible manga comics.

Another JCBI improvement is ISID,   an IT consulting firm in addition to Dentsu subsidiary. In January 2020, ISID launched “SMAGt, ” rising for SMart, AGriculture, Traceability. The idea is an agtech data don platform that uses blockchain for you to visualize agricultural produce production record and transaction status.

Other two fresh members of JCBI are both start-up. Avex is a technology agency focused on IP creation working with cloud and blockchain technology. Inside   July 2019 , Avex launched “ A good trust “, a blockchain solution that grants digital information certificates, guaranteeing their genuine valuation. Purchasers of the content get certificates, proving ownership. SingulaNet is without question a blockchain consultancy services company that created a blockchain-based request ‘I-pinx’ to allow users to construct and distribute content such due to the fact photos, videos, and even content.

An important few existing members include Hakuhodo,   Asahi Shimbun   and   The united states of america . Hakuhodo could be the number some advertising agency on the planet, but is considered only a third of Dentsu’s size.

Asahi is   one of Japan’s five internal newspapers, launched in 1879. Using 2019, Asahi conducted   research   into the particular 2018   CoinCheck   case, a digital up-to-dateness exchange that claimed it acquired around virtual currency worth all-around 58 billion yen stolen.  

Last but not least, United   an important digital transformation platform, investment, and additionally advertising technology business. United’s   vision   is going to be to ‘become Japan’s leading world-wide-web company. ’ One of their platforms is    Kiramex , which aims to turn out to be Japan’s largest online school, focusing in programming.

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